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Colorado Lakes Map for fishing and boating

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All Active Colorado Lakes on
Class 1 Lakes
Alexander Lake
Antero Reservoir
Arvada Reservoir
Aurora Reservoir
Barr Lake
Bear Creek Lake
Blue Mesa Reservoir
Boulder Reservoir
Boyd Lake
Carter Lake
Chatfield Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Crawford Reservoir
Dillon Reservoir
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Granby Lake
Grand Lake
Green Mountain Reservoir
Harvey Gap Reservoir
Highline Lake
Horseshoe Reservoir (Lathrop SP)
Horsetooth Reservoir
Hotel Twin Lake
Island Lake (Grand Mesa)
Jackson Lake
Jefferson Lake
Lake John
John Martin Reservoir
Lon Hagler Reservoir
Monument Lake (El Paso County)
North Sterling Reservoir
Pinewood Reservoir
Pueblo Reservoir
Quincy Reservoir
Rampart Reservoir
Ridgway Reservoir
Rifle Gap Reservoir
Lake San Cristobal
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Spratt-Platte Lake
St. Vrain State Park (Barbour Ponds)
Stagecoach Reservoir
Standley Lake
Steamboat Lake
Sweitzer Lake
Sylvan Lake
Tarryall Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir
Union Reservoir
Vega Reservoir
Ward Creek Reservoir
Williams Fork Reservoir
Wolford Mountain Reservoir
Class 2 Lakes
Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake)
Lake Avery (Big Beaver Reservoir)
Banana Lake - IPWA
Barker Reservoir
Barnes Meadow Reservoir
Baron Lake
Beaver Creek Reservoir
Bellaire Lake
Betty Lake - IPWA
Big Creek Lake(lower)
Big Creek Lake(upper)
Big Meadows Reservoir
Big Thompson Ponds
Blue Lakes - IPWA
Bob Lake - IPWA
Boedecker Reservoir
Brainard Lake - IPWA
Brush Hollow Reservoir
Caribou Lake - IPWA
Carson Lake
Catamount Reservoir North
Chambers Lake
Cheesman Reservoir
Clear Creek Reservoir
Cobbett (Carp) Lake
Columbine Lake - IPWA
Coney Lakes - IPWA
Cowdrey Lake
Crater Lake (Hyslop Lake) - IPWA
Crawford Lake (Hell Canyon) - IPWA
Crystal Creek Reservoir
Daigre and Wahatoya Lake
Deep Lake - IPWA
Deep Slough Reservoir
Devil's Thumb Lake - IPWA
DeWeese Reservoir
Diamond Lake - IPWA
Lake Dorothy - IPWA
Douglas Reservoir
Dowdy Lake
East Delaney
Echo Canyon Reservoir
Elaine T. Valente Open Space
Elkhead Reservoir
Lake Envy - IPWA
Estes Lake
Evergreen Lake
Flatiron Reservoir
Georgetown Lake
Gibraltar Lakes - IPWA
Gourd Lake - IPWA
Gross Reservoir
Lake Haiyaha - RMNP
Haviland Lake
Lake Henry
Hohnholz Lake #2
Hohnholz Lake #3
Home Lake
Lake Isabelle - IPWA
Island Lake - IPWA
Jackson Gulch Reservoir
Jasper Lake - IPWA
Jerry Creek Reservoirs
Jim Baker Reservoir
Joe Wright Reservoir
Jumbo Annex (Red Lion SWA)
Jumbo Reservoir (Grand Mesa)
Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg)
Kenney Reservoir
King Lake - IPWA
Lagerman Reservoir
Left Hand Reservoir - IPWA
Lily Lake - RMNP
Lonetree Reservoir
Long Lake (Hell Canyon) - IPWA
Long Draw Reservoir
Lost Lake - JPWA
Lake Loveland
Mack Mesa Lake
Manitou Lake
Martin Lake
Marys Lake
McPhee Reservoir
Meadow Creek Reservoir
Mesa Lake
Miramonte Reservoir (Dan Noble SWA)
Mitchell Lakes - IPWA
Monarch Lake
Montgomery Reservoir
Moraine Lake - IPWA
Mount Elbert Forebay
Navajo Reservoir
Nee Gronda Reservoir
Nee Noshe Reservoir
Neva Lakes - IPWA
North Delaney
North Michigan Reservoir
Paonia Reservoir
Parvin Lake
Pearl Lake
Pikeview Reservoir
Platoro Reservoir
Pony Lake - IPWA
Prewitt Reservoir
Prospect Lake (Colorado Springs)
Rainbow Lakes - IPWA
Red Deer Lake - IPWA
Red Rock Lake - IPWA
Road Canyon Reservoir
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Round Lake - IPWA
Ruedi Reservoir
Runyon-Fountain Lakes
Sanchez Reservoir
Seaman Reservoir
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Sheldon Lake (City Park)
Skaguay Reservoir
Skyscraper Reservoir - IPWA
Smith Lake (Lar. Cty.) (Boxelder #3)
Smith Reservoir (Costilla Cty)
South Delaney
Sprague Lake - RMNP
Stalker Lake
Storm Lake - IPWA
Summit Reservoir
Sunset Lake
Thurston Reservoir
Trappers Lake
Trinidad Reservoir
Turquoise Lake
Twin Lakes
Upper Lake & Stone Lake- IPWA
Upper Diamond Lake - IPWA
Vallecito Reservoir
Ward Lake
Watanga Lake - IPWA
Water Dog Reservoir
Watson Lake
Wellington Lake
West Lake
Williams Creek Reservoir
Willow Creek Reservoir
Windsor Lake
Woodland Lake - IPWA
Class 3 Lakes
Adams Lake - RMNP
Adams County Fairground Lakes
Alberta Park Reservoir
Allen Park Lake
Arapaho Bend Ponds (FC)
Lake Arbor
Arrowhead Lake - RMNP
Beaver Lake
Bingham Lake-Pinery Reservoir
Black Lake - RMNP
Black Lakes (Vail)
Box Lake & Drainage - RMNP
Browns Lake
Comanche Lake
Comanche Reservoir
Copeland Lake - RMNP
Crown Hill Lake
Crystal Lake - RMNP
Deep Lake
Dixon Reservoir
Dream Lake - RMNP
Eastman Park
Emerald Lake - RMNP
Erie Lake
Fay Lake, Lower - RMNP
Fern Lake - RMNP
Fifth Lake - RMNP
Fish Creek Reservoir
Forty Acre Lake
Fountain Creek Reg Park Ponds
Fourth Lake - RMNP
Gateway Pond
Glacier Springs Retention Pond (Grand Mesa)
Glass Lake - RMNP
Grandview Ponds
Groundhog Reservoir
Harriman Lake
Haynach Lakes & Drainage - RMNP
Holbrook Reservoir
Hunters Glen Lake
Huston Park Lake
Hutcheson Lakes - RMNP
Jewel Lake - RMNP
Kingfisher Point Ponds
Lawn Lake - RMNP
Little Gem Reservoir
Lone Pine Lake - RMNP
Long Lake - IPWA
Loomis Lake - RMNP
Lost Lake (Grand Mesa, Mesa Creek)
Lost Lake, Husted, Louise - RMNP
Lowell Ponds
Lower Cataract Lake
Main Reservoir
Mason Reservoir
McCall Lake
McIntosh Lake
McKay Lake
McMurry Ponds
McReynolds Reservoir
Meadow Park Lake
Lake Meredith
Milavec Reservoir
Mills Lake - RMNP
Mirror Lake - RMNP
Mountain Home Reservoir
Murray Lake
Lake Nanita & Drainage - RMNP
North Shields Ponds
Nottingham Lake
O'Haver Lake
Odessa Lake - RMNP
Officers Gulch Pond
Ouzel Lake - RMNP
Palmer Lake
Pastorius Reservoir
Peacock Pool - RMNP
Pear Lake & Creek - RMNP
Pella Crossing
Pettingell Lake - RMNP
Poudre Ponds
Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge)
Puett Reservoir
Quail Lake
Queens Reservoir
Ranger Lakes
Rim Rock Lake (Reservoir)
River's Edge and Jayhawker Ponds
Riverbend Ponds
Rock Lake & Little Rock Lake - RMNP
Rocky Mountain Lake
Saint Marys Lake
Salisbury Park
Sandbeach Lake - RMNP
Seymour Lake
Silver Lake (Grand Mesa)
Silver Dollar Lake
Simpson Ponds SWA
Sky Pond - RMNP
Lake Solitude - RMNP
South Mesa Lake
Spruce Lake - RMNP
Stearns Lake
Ten Lake Park - RMNP
The Loch (Vale) - RMNP
Thomas Reservoir
Thornton Gravel Ponds #2 & #3
Thunder Lake - RMNP
Timber Lake - RMNP
Trujillo Meadows Lake
Turks Pond
Two Buttes Reservoir
Valco Ponds (North Gateway Park)
Lake Verna & Spirit Lake - RMNP
Walden Ponds
Webster Lake
Ypsilon Lake - RMNP
Class 4 Lakes
Abyss Lake
Andrews Lake SWA
Anticline Pond
Arapahoe Lakes - JPWA
Atkinson Reservoir
Avery Pond
Balsam Park Pond
Banner Lakes SWA
Barnum Park Lake
Bear Creek Ponds
Beartrack Lakes
Beaver Lake SWA (Marble)
Lake Beckwith
Berkeley Lake
Big Creek Reservoir #1 [Grand Mesa]
Big Creek Reservoir (UNF)
Bill Moore Lake
Birdland Lake (Jack B. Tomlinson Park)
Blue Heron Lake
Bonham Reservoir
Boulder Ponds
Bowles Grove Pond
Brighton City Park Lake
Brown Lakes SWA
Butts Lake
Byron Lake
Camenisch Park Pond
Carl Park Pond
Lake Caroline
Casey's Pond
Catamount Reservoir South
Cattail Pond at Boulder County Fairgrounds
Cedar Mesa Reservoir
Centennial Park Lake
Central City Park Pond
Chartiers Pond (Brush SWA)
Cherry Knolls Pond
Chicago Lakes
Chinn's Lake
Chipeta Lakes SWA
Christine Lake
City Park Lake (Denver)
Civic Center Park Lake (Thornton)
Clayton Lake - JPWA
Clear Creek Pond
Clear Lake
Community College Pond
Cone Lake
Confluence Lake
Connected Lakes
Continental Reservoir
Coot Lake
Corn Lake
Cottonwood Lake #1 (Grand Mesa)
Cottonwood Lake #4 (Grand Mesa)
Cottonwood Lake (Buena Vista)
Cottonwood Lake (Pearl Parkway Boulder)
Cottonwood Glen Park (Fort Collins)
Cottonwood Park Lake (Kipling & Jewell)
Craig City Ponds
Craig Justice Center Ponds
Crater Lakes - JPWA
Creedmore Lakes
Croke Reservoir
Crosho Lake
Crystal Lakes
Crystal Reservoir
Curtain Ponds
Dawn Pond
De Camp Reservoir
Deer Lakes
Denny Lake
DePoorter Lake
Dome Lakes
Doty Park Pond
East Reservoir
Echo Lake
Eggleston Lake
Ehrlich Lake
Emerald Lake (Crested Butte)
Engineers Lake
English Ranch Park
Ethel Lake
Exposition Park Pond
Fall River Reservoir
Faversham Park Pond
Fetcher Park
Flagler Reservoir
Forest Lakes - IPWA
Four Acre Lake Park
Frank SWA
Frantz Lake SWA
Freeman Reservoir
Frozen Lake
Fruitgrowers Reservoir
Garfield Lake
Garland Park Lake (Lollipop Lake)
Lake Geneva
Gibson Lake
Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Golden Meadow Park (Ft. Collins)
Golden Ponds
Gould Reservoir
Grasmere Lake
Greenbriar Park Lake
Gypsum Ponds
Harper Lake
Harvey Park Lake - Riviera - Ward #5
Hassell Lake
Hasty Lake
Hayden Meadows Reservoir
Heart Lake - JPWA
Heinricy Lake
Hine Lake
Homestake Reservoir
Horse Creek Reservoir
Hudson Fishing Pond
Hugo SWA Ponds
Hyland Ponds
Ice Lake
Iceberg Lakes - JPWA
Idaho Springs Reservoir
Lake Irwin
Lake Isabel
Izaak Walton Pond
James Peak Lake
Jenny Lake - IPWA
Joe Moore Reservoir
Johnson Reservoir
Johnstown Reservoir
Juniata Reservoir
Karval Reservoir
Ken Mitchell Park Pond
Kendrick Reservoir
Ketner Lake
Ketring Lake
Kidney Lake
Kinney Lake SWA
KOA Lake
La Jara Reservoir
Lambertson Lake
Laramie Lake
Lemon Reservoir
Lincoln Lake
Little Echo Lake - JPWA
Little's Creek Pond
Loc Amora Pond (Josh's Pond)
Loch Lomond Lake
Loomiller Park Pond
Lost Lake (Cameron Pass)
Louisville (Warembourg) Fishing Pond
Loveland Service Center Pond
Maxwell Lake
McDonough Reservoir
Mead Ponds
Midwestern Farms Pond
Mike Higbee SWA (Clay Creek Pond)
Lake Minnequa
Miramont Park (Ft. Collins)
Mirror Lake (Almont)
Monument Reservoir (Trinidad)
Morrow Point Reservoir
Narraguinnep Reservoir
Needle Creek Reservoir
Neversweat Reservoir
North Lake
North Lake Park Pond
Olney Springs
Ordway Reservoir
Otero Pond
Overland Park Pond
Overland Trail Park Pond
Peterson Lake (Nederland)
Pine Valley Ranch Pond
Pomona Lake
Porter Reservoir #1
Porter Reservoir #4 (Little Davies)
Portner Reservoir (Fossil Creek)
Progress Park Pond
Promontory Point Park Ponds
Prospect Ponds (FC)
Rainbow Lake
Ralph Price Reservoir (Button Rock)
Ramah Reservoir
Redstone Park Pond
Reynolds Lake
Ridgeview Park Pond
Rio Blanco Lake
Rio Grande SWA
Rito Hondo Reservoir
Riverside Ponds (Mt. Ouray SWA)
Roberts Lake
Rogers Grove - Fairgrounds Lake
Rogers Peak Lakes (Rogers Pass) - JPWA
Rolland Moore Park Pond (Fort Collins)
Roosevelt Lakes
Rosemont Reservoir
Rotella Park Pond
San Luis Lake (SWA)
Sands Lake SWA
Sawhill Ponds
Shaw Lake
Shelf Lake
Sherwin Lake
Siena Reservoir
Silver Jack Reservoir
Slack-Weiss Reservoir
Slater Lake
Sloan Lake
Smith Lake - Washington Park
Smith Reservoir (Lakewood)
Soda Lakes
South Platte Park Ponds (Littleton Flood Plain Ponds)
Spring Creek Reservoir
Spring Lake
Spring Park (Fort Collins)
Square Top Lakes
Stabilization Reservoir
Sterne Pond (Kids only)
Steuart Lake
Stew Case Park Pond
Strontia Springs Reservoir
Summit Lake
Tamarack Ranch Pond
Teal Lake
Teller Lake No. 3
Teller Lake No. 5
Thornton Rec Ctr Lake (Carpenter)
Thunderbird Lake
Tiago Lake
Timnath Reservoir
Tom Frost Reservoir
Totten Lake
Trap Lake
Trickle Park Reservoir
Troutman Park (Fort Collins)
Twin Lakes Park Ponds
Union Square Ponds
Upper Cataract Lake
Upper Reservoir - Palmer Lake
Urad Reservoir - Upper
Vanderbilt Lake
Vela Reservoir
Viele Lake
Waneka Lake
Ward Road Pond
Warren Park Pond
Watson Lake (Littleton)
Weir & Johnson Reservoir
West Lake (GJ)
Westfield Park
Westminster City Park Pond
Wonderland Lake
Woods Lake
Yamcolo Reservoir
Yankee Doodle Lake
Youngs Creek Reservoir
Zimmerman Lake