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Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge)

Status:  Log in or Register... 01.17.21
Water Tmp:  10.04.20
Level:  01.17.21
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Lake Skipper(s):
bronRegional Editor:
Curtis Kees
Fish Species in Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge):
Black Crappie, Bluegill, Common Carp, (Log in for full fish species list)
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Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge)
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Prospect Park Lakes consist of four lakes along the Clear Creek trail. Boating is allowed on three of the four lakes with hand or wind-powered vessels. No motorized watercraft are permitted. No boating on allowed on Bass Lake. See special regulations below for restrictions for boating on Tabor Lake. At no time are people allowed on the islands in West Lake or Tabor Lake.

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Getting there:

There are two parking lots for Prospect Ponds. The first one is located near Prospect Lake at 44th Ave. and Robb. From I-76 take the Ward Road exit. Head south on Ward Road to 44th Ave, then head east on 44th Ave for about 3/4 mile. Head south on Robb until you hit the parking lot. The second parking lot can be a bit more of a challenge to find. It is located off of Youngsfield St, just north of Camping World. From I-76 take the Ward Road exit. Head south on Ward Road to 44th Ave, then head west on 44th Ave. Head south on Youngsfield St for about 1/2 mile. The parking lot is located on the west side just as you pass over the Clear Creek bridge.

Additional Lake Information for Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge):

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Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge) Stocking 2018 to 2020
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Lake Class: 3