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Lake: Carter Lake
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Carter bass spawning?

Post By: Matt      Posted: 5/24/2006 10:29:04 PM     Points: 95875    
Water is just about right for the bass to be spawning at Carter. Went for a couple hours today and found water from 62 to 64 degrees. In an attempt to find some pre- or post-spawners, I pent a little time flycasting deeper areas with sink tip and small streamers, at first dropoff or structure away from what I considered spawning areas. Caught a few small bass but then switched to look for walleye or perch on the east side. For now I'd say leave the bass to do their thing, then get out when the water jumps up a few degrees for post-spawn.

I did see clouds of what seemed to be fish on the east side, probably perch or Kokanee. Most were deeper than 10 feet in 20+ feet of water. Casted to them and let my fly get down to them but had no takers. What I figured to be trout sipping the surface were also seen tight to east side shore. Marked several fish that may have been walleye on the east side as well.
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