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Lake: Jefferson Lake

Is the gate open?

Post By: Doc      Posted: 5/31/2024 11:57:20 AM     Points: 482    
Just curious if the gate is open..anyone been up yet?
 Reply by: Troutfool      Posted: Jun. 1, 7:21:06 PM     Points: 23
Might be some people don't respond is that want to keep it to themselves. My guess is that it's open. You can call the forest service 719 836 232.

Good luck
 Reply by: Doc      Posted: Jun. 1, 9:43:19 PM     Points: 482
Thanks, I was just about to call..this website use to be a community. sad.
 Reply by: dlbrach      Posted: Jun. 2, 12:44:33 PM     Points: 19
Doc and Troutfool,

Looks like the ice is just starting to come off the lake. Gate likely won't open until most of the ice is gone. Possibly some snow left on the road to lake too.

Here's some images:
05/26: fully frozen
05/31: ice starting to recede
06/02: ice breaking up more, very early this morning, sun was barely up

Hope this helps! Good luck!

 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Jun. 2, 8:57:59 PM     Points: 163
Hey Darin, those are AWESOME images!!! What site did you use for them?? Actually surprised that there is still that much ice up there.
 Reply by: dlbrach      Posted: Jun. 3, 9:45:42 PM     Points: 19
Hi Wingman13, my company BlackSky captured these images. We're a commercial satellite imaging company and employees are allowed to request low priority images, so I targeted Jefferson once a day for a few weeks to monitor the conditions. My requests aren't always fulfilled due to other priorities, but I have gotten several good ones without clouds.

I think the ice will be all gone by this weekend, hopefully we can get an image to confirm it.
 Reply by: Azexp      Posted: Jun. 5, 3:40:29 PM     Points: 82
While it is 10 days or so away, I will be up there camping over Father's day weekend and will let you know what I see.
 Reply by: dlbrach      Posted: Jun. 6, 10:05:21 AM     Points: 19
Here's a few more images:
06/03: early morning
06/04: in the evening (not our best image)
06/06: this morning at 0814, looks like ice is off

Hopefully the gate will open soon.

 Reply by: Kithme      Posted: Jun. 6, 10:57:47 AM     Points: 814
Darin, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Is this from Worldview Satellite?
Would there be enough resolution to see people on the ice?

Request in advance for Granby starting late December. :)
 Reply by: dlbrach      Posted: Jun. 6, 9:28:15 PM     Points: 19

These are from BlackSky's satellites with about 1m resolution, in the future we plan to have greater resolution. I suppose we might be able to detect people out on the ice, especially if they have a snowmobile or are in a group. Having good light would be helpful too.

 Reply by: Doc      Posted: Jun. 10, 6:47:16 PM     Points: 482
The gate was open!
 Reply by: dasflikken      Posted: Jun. 10, 7:33:25 PM     Points: 9683
I was up there today (Mon). I'd do a report, but nothing's changed since CAT001 did one. We fly fished from 7:30am to 12:30pm. We were originally going to fish the beaver ponds, but they were flowing too hard. Never caught a laker on the long rod before, but that's about all we caught today. Rabbit's hair and San Juan worms moving was the ticket today. Didn't take my thermometer, but waded out hip deep. I'm guessing 38-40 degrees. Never been numb like that. Was breezy for most of it, but not bad for Jeff.

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