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North front range lakes

Post By: nparker      Posted: 5/21/2024 6:58:17 AM     Points: 2177    
Northeast lakes seems to be slow from the posts I see. The White Bass run at Boyd has slowed. I see a lot of fish there but they don't bite much. Maybe the Bass are spawning. I have been getting some Largemouth in ponds. They are getting on nests. I know little about Walleyes. Boyd will likely have a lot of speed boats and jets this weekend and the rest of the summer. Fish early and late maybe?
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: May. 21, 8:44:19 AM     Points: 521
I try to avoid fishing weekends as much as possible during the summer. Too many knuckleheads out there. However, if you go out during the evening and fish at night you'll be rewarded big time. Boyd is great at night with a green light to attract the shad which attracts all the other fish. I'll spot lock by the marina, drop down 2 green lights, wait for the bait fish to show up and drop down leeches or crawlers or minnows and the action is non-stop all night. Yes, I did verify that night fishing with a green light is permitted at Boyd by checking with a park ranger. Good Luck!
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: May. 21, 12:39:29 PM     Points: 18072
D- Interesting tip about the green lights. I've never tried it. I just checked the regs to see if there are any waterbody-specific regs about it, and there are not! Page 8 states:

9. ARTIFICIAL LIGHT may be used as a fishing aid.

I searched for the word "light" through the entire regs, and it appears the use of light is carte blanche with no restrictions!

I'm going on Amazon right now to order one.
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: May. 21, 12:48:55 PM     Points: 521
I've asked numerous times about it and talked to several different park rangers and they said if the lake is open 24 hours a day for fishing then it's legal. Maybe someone on this forum that's part of CPW can confirm for sure.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: May. 21, 7:20:35 PM     Points: 9055
Use the green light to attract the shad then throw a cast net and collect some of the best bait there is. Yes you can use a cast net at Boyd, Union, St Vrain, and others around the area. The only place I know for sure you can't use one is Jeff Co.
 Reply by: SurfaceIron      Posted: May. 22, 9:46:30 AM     Points: 439
Hah. I can't stand the smell of gizzard shad. I won't even touch one if I snag it.
I can be covered from head to toe in tuna blood, squid ink, or smallmouth barf and I'm fine, but I hate the stench of those shad!

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