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Lake: Chatfield Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

Chatfield Walleye From Shore

Post By: Neyet Stalker      Posted: 5/19/2024 8:56:14 AM     Points: 12033    
With the completion of the Chatfield expansion project all of my previous fishing spots are under water. Anglers from shore have less options, but a few new ones as well. Rocky rip rap and flooded trees are what shore anglers face. Keep in mind walleye can be anywhere after dark! That includes skinny water, and walleye suspended high in the column over deeper water, close to shore. Flooded trees are a fish magnet and accurate casts with minnow imitators will get some attention. I was mobile and moved from spots several times searching and made a connection with two nice fish.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: May. 19, 11:20:08 AM     Points: 17793
Excellent catches, those are some very healthy looking eyes! Way to get after them and find em!
 Reply by: Kenny Rukspin      Posted: May. 19, 11:34:20 AM     Points: 8533
Nice catches, James.

BTW, I won the walleye fishing trip with James during the Winter Giveaway. We went out several weeks ago and I learned a LOT. Plus, he provided me with several boxes of hard and soft baits and some other swag. Thank you again for everything.
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: May. 19, 11:44:17 AM     Points: 37619
A couple of very nice walleyes James. You definitely have got that night bite dialed in and have for years.
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 19, 2:46:25 PM     Points: 61
I think the spots have definitely changed but the concepts are basically the same. Lots of exploring to do with the new shoreline. Very nice fish!!! And definitely donít overlook the shallow water especially at night. Itís so peaceful out there after dark.
 Reply by: fom      Posted: May. 19, 5:12:38 PM     Points: 9439
Nice eyes James, hope all is well with you and yours !!
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: May. 24, 5:30:58 PM     Points: 220
Some big girls cooperating in the daytime. Fun shore bite all on soft plastics. All were released 22"-28"
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: May. 24, 6:15:14 PM     Points: 220
Daytime saugeyes were delicious...
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 24, 6:20:16 PM     Points: 61
I was unaware chatfield had saugeye. Seen plenty of walleye, but thatís the first time Iíve ever heard of a saugeye there. Cool if true
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: May. 24, 6:24:15 PM     Points: 220
Saugeye were caught in another local body of water. I never stated they were caught at Chatfield...
 Reply by: Neyet Stalker      Posted: May. 24, 7:19:38 PM     Points: 12033
Nice eyes Tatonka, long time no see. Seems to be some larger class eyes showing up in Chatty this yr. With reduced water clarity at Chatfield, yes eyes can be caught from shore during daylight hrs. just like Ol Cherry Creek. Chatty is rather murky compared to years past. I know an angler in Ohio that catches Saug during the heat of Summer mid-day from shore. They are every bit as delicious as eyes. The bite is good all over town, get out and catch some while the catching is good. I've been catching some decent eaters too, as I am stuck on the night bite.
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: Jun. 7, 2:11:06 PM     Points: 220
I haven't seen any decline in the size of eyes caught there... I noticed that from 2020/2022 they all seemed quite a bit thinner, but the food sources must have rebounded since then as they are all fa5 and happy now.
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 8, 7:17:45 PM     Points: 314
I am not a walleye fisherman and consider them a bonus to what I am fishing for. Hopefully all of the newly flooded vegetation can create a bit of a new syndrome. I really hope that the largemouths that are in chatfield can take off and become a really good fishery. With the water level the way it is there is a ton of good largemouth habitat in the lake right now. Too bad itís as pressured as it is. It was a treat going to Kansas and not dealing with recreational boaters, plus there was only 5 other boats on the lake, and no boat inspections. I until two years ago fished from shore and still like too. Te warm water fisheries in Colorado just suck compared to other states. Not because they arenít good fisheries but the amount of pressure is just ridiculous.
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: Jun. 13, 10:25:05 PM     Points: 220
There are some slob lmb in Chatty and I agree with you that will definitely improve with higher water levels remaining in the trees. Mother nature just needs to keep her full. It's a fun lake that will only get better if that happens year after year and spawning areas stay wet. To be honest, it may become a lake that cycles through low/high water years though. Bait diminished in '21 & '22 when water levels remained decently higher. So who knows...

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