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Free boat

Post By: heryantoch      Posted: 5/7/2024 8:50:57 PM     Points: 3259    
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Not for me, just posting in case someone is interested and have a need for it.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: May. 9, 2:57:28 PM     Points: 11476
Any boat out there for free is there for a reason . . .and not a good reason.
I watch Craigslist "free" section and every week there are "free" boats up for grabs . . .every one of them is a true nightmare and the only reason they end up being given away for free is the owner has come to the point they don't want anything to do with the boat and are looking for an easy escape from the P.O.S. . . .Watch out for "boat but no trailer" as the boat is such a piece of trash that they don't want to pay to get rid of the boat at the dump (they already know the cost of a dump) and are looking for some else to have to pay.
Anyways . .I'm not on Facebook . . .so I can't see this "free boat" . . .just my two cents worth.
Most "free boats" are on their second or third "free boat" owners and due to the wreck that thay are . . they will never float again.
B.T.W. . .dumps charge by the square foot and a complete boat has lots of square foot empty air space . . .you still pay by the square foot . . .a flattened out boat is way cheaper to dump than a still intact boat.
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