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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir
Fish: Spotted Bass

Pueblo reservoir tips?

Post By: Dabindaniel      Posted: 4/21/2024 8:55:17 AM     Points: 156    
Iím making a long trip down to Pueblo res this up coming weekend and looking for any tips possible on how to catch my first spotted bass. And general area I should look? Depth? Structure? Any help is appreciated. Not looking for any honey holes just some general guidance.
 Reply by: IceAngler86      Posted: Apr. 22, 8:32:25 AM     Points: 564
I'd give Russ a shout on his skipper link ... I'm pretty sure he lives on the lake a good portion of the open water season,

[log in for link]
 Reply by: Wreckstar      Posted: Apr. 22, 9:18:13 AM     Points: 5490
Last year I kayaked around a guy anchored in a boat that was catching a fish every other cast. I chatted him up a bit and he said he was catching Spotted Bass on a drop shot rig. I think he was in about 15' of water in a weed bed.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Apr. 22, 9:25:52 AM     Points: 11162
Yep Russ is the guy you want to speak to. Great guy with great knowledge.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Apr. 22, 9:32:19 AM     Points: 73179
Dizzel and Scott Brands are also great resources for this info. I've caught them there too using lipless cranks and jerk baits. Willing to bet a small bladed jig like a Thunder Cricket would be successful too.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Apr. 23, 9:32:53 AM     Points: 23629
Dabindaniel, I will send you an email soon
 Reply by: dizzel      Posted: Apr. 23, 10:01:49 PM     Points: 25223
This Reservoir is loaded with spotted bass, you should be able to land one anywhere.

If you are from shore, I would try the coves towards the west end of the lake, its still kind of early for their aggressive spawning bite but like Anglerwannabe mentioned lipless cranks so you can retrieve all levels in the water column. Or and 1/8 oz jig head with a twisty tail is another go-to of mine.

The bigger ones will tend to hide behind bigger cover in the rockier areas for the ambush bite, the shorelines facing west along the "old boat ramps" is always an area I target. Spotted bass like access to deep water with rocky slope to shoreline.

Good luck out there! Let the group here know how you did.
 Reply by: tnhj      Posted: Apr. 24, 7:02:41 PM     Points: 61
It can be tough fishing this early. In a month it will be fishing pretty good.
 Reply by: Dabindaniel      Posted: Apr. 28, 9:18:55 PM     Points: 156
Thanks for all the help guys! Despite the less than ideal weather conditions we landed numerous bass, spots, smallies, and largies with some walleye in the mix as well!
 Reply by: Dabindaniel      Posted: Apr. 28, 9:20:27 PM     Points: 156
And for anyone wondering water temps are 55 in most of the coves I was in with north shore bay being 57-58 in most areas

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