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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir

Ice Off

Post By: MenFisher      Posted: 4/14/2024 8:14:53 AM     Points: 1198    
Reservoir is still ~85% covered, but the south shoreline is starting to open up. Fished several hours on 4/13 near Lazy Boy--not a bite, though we did see some fish surface in shallow water. Maybe for a fly or two. In a week or so there'll be a lot more open water. Lots more open water where the river comes into the lake, and near Cross Creek. North shore is still solid ice, and there were some still ice fishing near Coyote Ridge.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Apr. 15, 3:59:06 AM     Points: 395
This pic must be from Cross Creek. I did not see more than a foot of open water near Lazy Boy or Howbert on Friday morning early.--if that much.............. Im sure things change rapidly at this time --once the wind blows.
 Reply by: MenFisher      Posted: Apr. 15, 7:25:58 AM     Points: 1198
No, actually, this photo was taken Saturday about 100 yds southeast of Lazy Boy, not at Cross Creek. There was about 15-20 yds of open water here--the widest section of open water we could find (other than at Cross Creek), but too shallow for any bites. We only saw one fish surface for a fly. I checked Howbert and Rocking Chair, and both had (like you say) hardly any open water at all.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Apr. 15, 8:07:28 AM     Points: 395
Cool. I didnt drive down to the shoreline but I eyeballed it from the main road pretty hard. That area usually melts first but I missed your photo area. Once it starts peeling back, the wind can do a lot to open it up---even in one day......
 Reply by: beewee      Posted: Apr. 15, 11:15:47 AM     Points: 4
It's done once the wind picks up you get those cool ice formations on the shoreline!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Apr. 15, 12:50:07 PM     Points: 395
Theres a youtube video of some guys surfing that wave of ice as it crashes and piles up on the shoreline on a windy day. Pretty cool---------along with some vids of tornados on the res..............
 Reply by: AJBert      Posted: Apr. 17, 1:30:38 PM     Points: 9
Drove through the north shore on Apr 16 and there are spots of clear water here and there. Not enough to fish, though, and I'm pretty sure the wind we've had that last couple of days may have pushed the ice to the shore line by now.

So, it is opening up but I don't think the boat ramps will be open until next month some time.
 Reply by: Infrared      Posted: Apr. 19, 3:39:28 PM     Points: 90
From the Elevem Mile State Park Facebook page...

Conditions Update:
Warmer and windy weather has freed up some of winters grip at the reservoirs. Spinney still has some ice, but it is quickly receding. Keep an eye out for opening day announcement here soon.
Eleven Mile is still about 50% ice, but it is concentrated on the East end of the reservoir. It will more than likely open to boating after Spinney, but things are moving along nicely.
Shoreline fishing is completely accessible at North Shore, Stoll Mountain, Cross Creek, Suckers Cove and Howbert. These spots are subject to ice shifting/drifting, but should stay mostly open going forward. There is open shoreline pretty much entirely around the lake, so ice fishing season is done for the year.
For up to date conditions (updated daily), please call 719-748-3401 and choose the option related to your question.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Apr. 21, 8:04:27 AM     Points: 395
Infuriated. I 2nd that emotion. The fish seem very post spawn now. Lots of fly fishermen yesterday morning in the bay. Nobody did squat--including me. A couple guys caught a few 22+ inchers the afternoon before standing in a wind that sent me chattering to the car after 3 hours--useless pinkys!! And I was tucked into the rocks. They were facing right into it and unbothered. Im getting old!!

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