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River: South Platte - Dream Stream
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Dream Stream

Post By: 10-10_class      Posted: 3/22/2024 9:27:49 AM     Points: 130    
Finally able to get away from Snow removal here in Lone Tree. Made my annual trip up there. Cold in the morning 7 degrees but as you all know it can warm up fast ish. Got there at around 8:30 am only 1 other vehicle. Flow got bumped up a few days ago, now at around 123 cfs. Water a little dirty.
Was able to land 2 before leaving at 1:00 pm. I know they are not the most difficult fish to catch at this time of year but each one has so many different colors.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: Mar. 22, 10:20:52 AM     Points: 6008
Happy to see you get out and get some nice ones. I'm sure we'll start seeing more of the 11 mile shoulder-y bows in the dream here soon, along with the ridiculous crowds, so I'm also happy you had some solitude-ish.

While we do appreciate conditions on the forum here, a brief conditions report on the river page would be more helpful if you'd be able to just fill out a brief conditions report on the dream :-)
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Mar. 22, 10:31:54 AM     Points: 395
Nice going!! Its that magic time of year.
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