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Fish: Brown Trout


Post By: 1fishwilly      Posted: 3/14/2024 4:45:59 PM     Points: 287    
Does this look familiar? That’s because it is.

Normally doing the same thing over and over again, year after year, with the redundancy of a grandfather clock… is a good recipe for boredom. Unless you are this grandfather, and you are a fisherman… then it is wonderful.

Part of the draw to visit the same old fishing haunts and experience the same river and the same beautiful scenery is that you get to sit on a rock by the stream and sift through all of the fond memories of past trips. The thrilling fish that you caught, the sunsets and sunrises, cooking and sharing great food, and most important, the friends and family that have shared this place with you.

And if you do this enough times at the same place, and enough times with the same people, same food, same sunrises and sunsets, same wonderful fish to be caught, then it becomes more than a fishing trip, it becomes a tradition.

So here I am again. Making more memories to look back on.

The other part of fishing that I really like is that it gives you an excuse to go explore new places. I already have a dozen new creeks and streams in southwestern Colorado lined up to go visit this summer. I can’t wait.
 Reply by: 1fishwilly      Posted: Mar. 14, 5:02:37 PM     Points: 287
An interesting thing happened on this trip, something that reinforced my idea that fish sometimes feed in certain rhythms, or cycles, and sometimes it has nothing to do with other variables, such as hatches, sunny vrs cloudy, water flow, ect.

I squeezed in a fishing trip before this epic storm hit, and the first day I fished one of my favorite rivers, from noon to sunset, hitting all the right places and using all the right methods, hiked a total of 5 river miles, and I hooked two fish and landed one. I didn't see hardly a fish all day.

It would have been easy to go somewhere else the next day, but I wanted to test a theory that I have that it wasn't me. So the next day I fished the same river, the same techniques, and the same 5 river miles that I fished the day before. The weather was the same, the flows were the same, the hatches of midges were the same, but this time... I caught one right after another, and the fish were chasing my jig right up to my feet and taking it when I dropped it down. I even had two fish both take my jig laying on a submerged rock, and I had both of them on until they broke me off. Seldom have I seen river fish feeding this aggressively.

I am curious as to what you think gives here? This is not the first time this has happened.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: Mar. 14, 10:31:59 PM     Points: 458
Good stuff Mr Lance! Some deep thoughts there😬 Have you spent much time on the Conejos? We are going to Platoro CO in June, will be a new venture for me.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: Mar. 15, 8:56:39 AM     Points: 9171
The pending storm means low barometer which usually triggers the fish to bite. The theory I read somewhere is low air pressure puts less pressure on the fishes bladder and allows them to swim easier so they will move more to catch food. I don't remember where I read this but it sounds reasonable.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: Mar. 15, 9:13:25 AM     Points: 17501
Great post 1fishwilly! I share your philosophy of exploring new places, and Colorado alone has a lifetime's worth of places to explore. Not that we should limit ourselves, just pointing out that we live in an abundant locale.

Regarding fish feeding cycles, it certainly seems random at times and there must be a measure of randomness to their behavior, although I lean toward the theory that there are factors that aren't so observable to us, such as subtle barometric changes, or stuff happening underwater.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Mar. 16, 3:09:27 AM     Points: 395
Great post. Fishing is so awesome to me because the sunrises and sunsets are never the same and they can be so dramatic. As a meteorology nerd, I also get to see some of the wildest weather phenomenon. It always amazes me how all the fish ( at least the majority of them) can turn on and off in unison. No real tangible explanation. God only knows. He created it all. Never gets boring!!!

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