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Selling boat

Post By: Walleyeone      Posted: 3/6/2024 11:36:55 AM     Points: 1061    
Selling 2000 Alumacraft trophy 185
150 hp optimax, 9.9 4 stroke merc pro troll, terrova 24 volt 80 pound thrust with I pilot

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 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Mar. 6, 6:35:59 PM     Points: 38011
That boat sure has seen a lot of fish!
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Mar. 8, 2:41:53 PM     Points: 1061
It has been a great boat. It handles rough water very well.
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Mar. 18, 6:04:09 AM     Points: 1061
 Reply by: MAC ATTACK      Posted: Mar. 18, 6:13:15 AM     Points: 39890
Thatís an end of an era of good fishing Jon.
I can confirm it is always kept I good shape and catches a lot of fish.
Whatís next?
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Mar. 18, 2:26:22 PM     Points: 1061
I bought a tracker from Doug before he passed.He gave me a good deal and he needed the money for his wife.
It's not a big water boat like the Alumacraft but it is only a few years old with very low hours.
How are you doing? Have you been fishing Blue Mesa alot?
 Reply by: MAC ATTACK      Posted: Mar. 19, 6:40:51 AM     Points: 39890
Lifeís good out west away from the chaos in Denver.

Only the east side of Blue Mesa capped this year. Iíve been soft water fishing on the west end from an inflatable pontoon and from the bank.
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Mar. 23, 1:52:08 PM     Points: 1061
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Mar. 24, 8:19:43 AM     Points: 1041
Oh the memories like Wolford Mt camp outs and lashing Daris to one side and me on the other trolling for the salmon
 Reply by: HeavyC      Posted: Mar. 24, 11:52:00 PM     Points: 5896
Right Bud!!

Jon took me and my Buddy Mike out on one of those Wolford get togethers, and proceed to just laugh at us while he kept getting us hooked up on triples and quadruples!! 🤣 ...and with my dog Kiwi in the boat too!

Good times! ...great fisherman on a great fish catching boat!

Thanks for the memories Jon!!

HC Out!!
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Mar. 25, 9:10:48 AM     Points: 1061
Marty your welcome. I think it was one of my all time favorite days on the water. Seeing you and Mike running around the boat like that was priceless. I would welcome you on my boat anytime. I hope this new one has as much fun in store for me
Hey there older guy(Bud) I rememberthatday with three boats tied together trolling. We caught a bunch that day as well. I hope you will come out and join me on the water this year. Maybe we can do a wolford trip too. I do miss my putz fishing friend.
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Apr. 6, 10:47:08 AM     Points: 1061
 Reply by: RPG      Posted: Apr. 7, 7:03:50 AM     Points: 14413
If I remember correctly Jon I think your nickname back then was WalleyeNONE. That's a great boat you have for sale
 Reply by: HeavyC      Posted: Apr. 11, 10:06:59 PM     Points: 5896
I got some time the next couple of months Jon. I just had my Rotator cuff repaired, so I am off work till middle of June!

Would love to check out the new skiff!

HC Out!
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Apr. 12, 8:18:59 AM     Points: 1061
Marty give me a call 7209035790
 Reply by: Good Sam      Posted: Apr. 12, 9:07:43 AM     Points: 4350
Lots of great memories made on that boat.
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Apr. 17, 5:48:26 PM     Points: 1061
 Reply by: Walleyeone      Posted: Apr. 28, 11:17:11 AM     Points: 1061

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