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Lake: Aurora Reservoir

Open water?

Post By: Lodharius      Posted: 3/4/2024 11:15:28 AM     Points: 31    
Anyone have a recent veiw of how much open water there is at Aurora?
 Reply by: mammom      Posted: Mar. 4, 2:52:51 PM     Points: 1
I went to the senac cove this morning, no ice at all. I guess there will be no ice on other area now.
 Reply by: Lodharius      Posted: Mar. 4, 5:45:03 PM     Points: 31
Nice. I can't wait to get out there this weekend. I hope you had some good luck!
 Reply by: mammom      Posted: Mar. 5, 4:10:36 PM     Points: 1
Bank fished yesterday until 7:15, got 3 bites and landed one eye less than 18". Let it go for another year grow.

But the ranger closed the door at 7:20. Had to get out through fence.
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Mar. 7, 12:40:34 PM     Points: 102
Mammon, that stinks! Gate should close @ 7:30. They are usually pretty good about the opening & closeing times at the back gates.

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