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cherry creek ice

Post By: bhooker      Posted: 2/22/2024 5:23:31 PM     Points: 36    
I've seen a lot of lakes have opened up, Has cherry creek opened up, no ice ?
 Reply by: RX Fisher      Posted: Feb. 24, 7:48:42 PM     Points: 118
Went out this morning and was hoping to get on the ice near shore and there was open water out about 20 feet on the east side near the dam. I wouldn't risk it.
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: Feb. 25, 10:45:01 AM     Points: 36
That didn't last long.
 Reply by: footmaster      Posted: Feb. 25, 9:48:50 PM     Points: 21
I walked the path across the dam with my pup today. Open water all the way, casting room for most of it. There were a few guys out shore fishing. There is is still ice covering most of the lake, only functioning to be a PITA at this point though. No boats )
 Reply by: SPECTRE      Posted: Feb. 26, 5:06:38 AM     Points: 14087
I was out there yesterday... Most of the water near the marina is open, as is an area near the tower, and a hole in the middle. There are open fissures running across the lake in several places as well. I expect it will be completely open by next weekend with all the wind and warmer temps.
 Reply by: Ryanrox      Posted: Feb. 26, 10:06:37 AM     Points: 46
Drove over the dam last night it's 90% open.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Feb. 27, 5:24:32 PM     Points: 395
No doubt there must be a kook or 2 who try to get on that 10% of spooky ice.

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