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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir

Shleter found at 11-mile

Post By: PikeD      Posted: 2/7/2024 9:59:53 PM     Points: 1660    
I found an Eskimo shelter at the mile last weekend. Identify it and the parking lot it was in and I will figure out a way to return it.

Fishing was good but catching was mediocre. There are lots of small stockers from Coyote to the Marina and other weed beds in the area. We caught 10 each in 3.5 hours on small jigs and waxworms or spikes.

We also saw northern pike in these areas but our suckers on tip ups did not get a bite. Northern pike were also seen in the rocks souths of Coyote.

Kokanee were better towards the dam than upstream and we had large trout bite spoons fished high in the water column over deep water.

If you want to simply catch fish, the stockers were super-easy to figure out. All spots in 4 to 8 feet had regular groups of hungry fish coming through.

The BBQ place in Lake George was outstanding! The owner is from Kansas and really has some of the best brisket I have ever tasted (I am also from Kansas and eat a bunch of BBQ). He stays open late on Sundays for the skier traffic and I will never pass by that place again without stopping.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Feb. 7, 11:56:04 PM     Points: 11376
I don't go up the hill to do anything anymore,but I have been known to visit said BBQ in Lake George just for the brisket . . .been known to return home with a small amount of "to go" brisket . . .LOL
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Feb. 8, 9:27:19 AM     Points: 352
Thanks. I have been thinking about trying that BBQ place. Its right across the street from where I usually lodge overnight. I echo your report. Head an opportunity to go up there yesterday and once last week. They recently stocked a zillion small stockers twice in boat dock bay--which always puts the bite off in that area until they spread out. Last week a guy said he saw several very large rainbows who were stuffed to the gills--probably with stockers.. Yesterday was as springy as you can get for early Feb. Had to drive through an intense blast of snow early though. Only 2 shelters were set up in Sucker Cove where I gave it a whirl. Ice was almost 2 feet thick which took any early chill away from my hands as I used my 8 inch Mora Lazer. Both parties said they marked several large fish and eyeballed others who came up and inspected everything they offered but weren't hungry enough to eat.
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