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New toys to help find the lakers

Post By: Wreckstar      Posted: 2/4/2024 11:49:49 AM     Points: 5225    
For those that have been watching I tried to incorporate some underwater footage in my last video. Honestly the quality was crap so I went out and upgraded. Now I have HD underwater footage and the difference is pretty great!

Like a smart man told me, all that fancy equipment just lets you see the fish you don't catch. Pretty much true, but still cool to see the big ones swimming around down there.

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 Reply by: eholm      Posted: Feb. 4, 1:47:49 PM     Points: 14267
Cool video and nice footage on the new cam. Were you using built in lights on the camera? How deep filming?
 Reply by: Wreckstar      Posted: Feb. 4, 2:00:19 PM     Points: 5225
No lights, though it does have both led and IR lights. I filmed all the underwater shots in 16 fow. It's the MarCum Pursuit HD.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: Feb. 4, 4:26:25 PM     Points: 14267
Seems like great quality for 16 feet under ice, with no lights. I'd love to see some even deeper stuff with the lights and IR tested. My dream is to drop a camera down 100 ft in open water at horsetooth and see what those fish are doing down there, LOL
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Feb. 8, 11:26:12 PM     Points: 352
Wonder what ice fishing will be like 10 yrs from now--with all the rapidly advancing technology. There are plusses and minuses to all the high tech stuff. I like the element of chance and have used the same setups since I was a kid. Hand auger, small backpack and light folding chair. I totally get it though when fishing for lakers because you're over much deeper water. Enjoyed the video!

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