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Lake: Boyd Lake

Boyd Marina

Post By: IceAngler86      Posted: 1/13/2024 3:34:02 PM     Points: 417    
Has anyone had eyes on the marina ice in the past week?? Wondering if things held through the wind Thurs/Friday.
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: Jan. 13, 7:25:24 PM     Points: 36949
I was hoping to see a conditions update come through for approval but have not seen anything yet. The last time I was there the marina channel had open water by the rocks on the west side and another area by the big yellow buoy on the east side. My best estimate would guess that the winds probably tore some of the ice up pretty good. That area only had 3 inches of clear ice to start with. But a couple of days of this frigid weather should make some good ice again.

 Reply by: swamp kitty      Posted: Jan. 13, 7:32:40 PM     Points: 1315
Plenty of dudes fishing the marina today. It’s here….
 Reply by: Dadafishman3      Posted: Jan. 13, 8:43:27 PM     Points: 360
Fished marina today, only an 1" on NW side pretty sketchy, didn't fish this but moved over to boat docks and found 4" or so, will definitely be improving. Use that spud!
 Reply by: IceAngler86      Posted: Jan. 14, 7:25:14 PM     Points: 417
Marina ice straight off the boat launch 40 yards was 3.5"-4.5" .... broken ice to the east out by the main body of water with geese on it still. Plenty of people fishing the rest of the marina close to the docks and on the west side.
 Reply by: kje      Posted: Jan. 16, 5:30:21 PM     Points: 3
6" of ice in the marina yesturday. Slow bite, trout, crappie, on small jigs.
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