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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Northern Pike

My Goal Ten Lb Pike

Post By: johnski      Posted: 12/7/2023 7:58:31 PM     Points: 1819    
My goal this year is to ice a 10 pound or better pike. Last two trips to North Dakota and only a 5 pounder. So I have decided to spend 3 days in Colorado at some lake TBD. I want to ask the forum where should I spend those three days? Elevenmile? Stagecoach? Vallecito? Other? What gives me the best chance. Also is some month better than others? March over January? Let me have your thoughts on the matter and thanks.

 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 12/7/2023 8:05:18 PM     Points: 395
Go to the Mile and take home 20 Pike over 20 lbs! I have heard the locals say they are thick around the islands. I wont tell anybody...........
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: 12/8/2023 8:18:57 AM     Points: 4448
open water at Navajo all winter. plenty of 10 plus pounders...
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 12/8/2023 8:46:04 AM     Points: 73044
The Mile... but be prepared for this [log in for link]

 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: 12/8/2023 12:02:27 PM     Points: 502
Coupla places: Harvey Gap early ice, still a fair # of pike way over 10#, and Crawford Reservoir, the pike there are growing up again and several each week exceed 10#.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 12/8/2023 1:44:41 PM     Points: 1819
Thanks fellas. Knew you'd have some good ideas. Hope to start ice fishing tomorrow and then focus on the pike in the New Year. Will keep you all appraised of my quest!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 12/9/2023 8:49:07 AM     Points: 395
AWB, Thats funny! Dude cut his own fish off.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 12/9/2023 1:43:59 PM     Points: 84004
Pike wrapped up the other two lines while he was going crazy under the ice and broke off. Not cut.
 Reply by: spawnbags      Posted: 12/10/2023 7:08:46 PM     Points: 41
Heres one from there, I think it was 37"and 18 lbs
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 12/11/2023 8:31:18 AM     Points: 1819
That's what I am talking about! NICE pike!
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