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Fish: Brown Trout

This Young Lady Can Fish!

Post By: 1fishwilly      Posted: 11/12/2023 5:36:34 PM     Points: 287    
I have no problem being out-fished by a 17 year old young lady. In fact I was pulling for her all along. Not that she needed it... this isn't the first time that she has out-fished me.

Her daddy out-fishes me all the time, and she is his prodigy.

Few things are more fun than watching a father-daughter together on the river. What a great trip.

The big browns were happy to take a marabou or plastic jig, or if using a fly rod, a huge, articulated streamer, rust colored.
 Reply by: 1fishwilly      Posted: 11/12/2023 5:38:08 PM     Points: 287
More evidence.
 Reply by: 1fishwilly      Posted: 11/12/2023 5:44:44 PM     Points: 287
I did manage to catch a couple.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 11/12/2023 6:07:00 PM     Points: 48654
Thats really cool and a great family outting. Congrats to the young lady!
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 11/12/2023 7:52:00 PM     Points: 17501
Love it! Great outing.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 11/12/2023 8:20:06 PM     Points: 23217
Super nice, great life long memories.
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: 11/13/2023 9:38:53 AM     Points: 502
Wow, those pics tug at my heart strings, Lance. That special place brings back so many great memories. Your two guests had some stellar days at the Vets Day peak time. She landed some chunks for sure along with her dad and you all in those pretty fall spots and yellow highlites. That lady will remember that trip forever, WTG guide!
 Reply by: 1fishwilly      Posted: 11/13/2023 5:48:51 PM     Points: 287
Thanks Jerry. We've missed you up there. The guys still ask about you. They remember a couple of 50 fish days that you hung on them. They also remember the elk, deer, and bear meat that you brought, and the deep fried walleye, perch, and pike chunks.
Special times.
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