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Fish: Kokanee

Kokanee CPW Giveaway?

Post By: therealtrigster      Posted: 10/23/2023 8:35:36 PM     Points: 2186    
Is CPW giving away any kokanee after they harvest this year? I landed a few in catch and release zones but I've always wanted to see how they taste. Any Intel would be helpful.
 Reply by: crappie-slayer      Posted: 10/23/2023 9:48:42 PM     Points: 184
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Hopefully this helps
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 10/24/2023 10:10:23 AM     Points: 9171
Kokanee during the spawn are not good table fare (imo) except if you smoke them they are really good that way.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/25/2023 1:13:36 AM     Points: 11476
Give me a call and I'll put you in touch with a bioligest in charge of koko give away.
The kokos that he gives away have just turned from green to red and smoke up very nice . . .I can even help you get some smoked . . .
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