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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir

Fishing at Pueblo thru the winter

Post By: kirbydog      Posted: 10/11/2023 12:41:16 PM     Points: 114    
Thought this might be a good discussion to have about now. I target mostly bass-all three species. What works for me when the water temps get to low 40's and below are blade baits fished 30-50 ft down. I also catch some walleye this way. Never had much luck with spoons. My other successful tactic is jerk baits-fished very slowly. I mean one jerk then at least a 10-15 second pause. Its slow fishing but works, especially when theres a 2-4 day
warming trend that brings some fish shallow.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 10/11/2023 2:17:17 PM     Points: 17793
Good discussion to start. I've spent much of this year working on deep jigging methods, but I will admit I have neglected blade baits for all the decades of my fishing life. I plan to learn them now. What are your favorite blade baits, and what is your method for fishing them 30-50 feet deep?
 Reply by: kirbydog      Posted: 10/11/2023 4:05:35 PM     Points: 114
I fish with two-a Johnson Thinfisher and a Damiki Vault. Fish the 1/2 oz most all of the time. I have tried many blade baits over the years but these two have alot of vibration which I like very good hooks which I also like.

The Damiki Vault is expensive but well worth it.
 Reply by: kirbydog      Posted: 10/11/2023 4:10:54 PM     Points: 114
Almost forgot-I vary the upward sweep from less than a foot to maybe two ft.

Somedays they like a bigger sweep, some days not so much. You always want that blade to touch bottom between sweeps.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 10/11/2023 5:15:42 PM     Points: 17793
Thanks kirbydog, I'm gonna try those.
 Reply by: Crit      Posted: 10/12/2023 5:31:34 AM     Points: 17
loose many blades to snags?

How well do the fish release from that deep of water? I try to bring them up slooowly but the walleye Iíve caught deep have hd seimmbldder issues
 Reply by: kirbydog      Posted: 10/12/2023 10:33:18 AM     Points: 114
Yes, you're going to lose some to snags.

All of the fish I've caught swim right back down and since I may stay in a spot for awhile I've never seen any floaters. Fish may descend to the bottom and die there-I don't have any guesses on that.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 10/13/2023 4:40:30 PM     Points: 17793
As kirbydog says... the fish he's caught have swam back down. Based on my research, if they are able to immediately swim back down, there's a good chance they will live. The visible effects of the barotrauma, such as extended air bladder and eyeballs will be remedied at depth. As kirbydog also eludes, there's no guarantee they will live, as the effects of barotrauma are various.

I decided to turn this reply into a full-blown article LOL: [log in for link]
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: 10/13/2023 11:03:54 PM     Points: 314
Iíve never really had good luck bass fishing in water temps below 55 degrees. Thatís due to my style of fishing and the fact that I donít have patience to pause a jerkbait for the amount of time thatís needed in cold water. Also right about now I go to granby and fish to get into nice lakers and try to catch browns and the rainbow fishing can be really good. And the later in the year it gets the better it gets and itís hard for me to get away from that to go warm water fishing when I can have the chance at catching a 15 lb lake trout which i usually catch one or two each fall with chances at others. Also Iím still trying to catch a 10lb brown which is hard to do. I do most of my warm water fishing in the spring when itís easier lol at least for me. If I lived in say Missouri and could go to table rock lake in the fall I would try it more. Do you guys think that as far as lakes that have shad in them, that itís harder fall fishing for warm water fish than in lakes that do not have shad as a forage fish. I think it is any way because in lakes that perch bluegills and minnows are the forage there isnít a shad die off so the fish have to be more willing to eat other things than just swimming around casually and picking off dying shad that have no chance.
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