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Lake: Williams Fork Reservoir
Fish: Lake Trout

Williams Fork Lakers

Post By: heed      Posted: 10/3/2023 1:26:58 PM     Points: 98    
Thinking of heading to Williams Fork Saturday to jig for Lakers. Any guidance on what area/depth to start at? It's been years since I've been up there.
 Reply by: ozzy      Posted: 10/3/2023 1:37:55 PM     Points: 1256
This time of year they could be anywhere. Best bet is to use the fish finder to locate them and target that way-IMO.
 Reply by: Tbubb      Posted: 10/3/2023 3:46:07 PM     Points: 7774
1) Find a spot where the lake goes around a corner or frow wide to narrow and can "concentrate" the fish a bit.
2) 40-80' is a great depth, and in general I'd start at 70'
3) Reel up to anything in the column. If it is midwater, it is feeding. Period.
4) If you want company up there LMK with a little more notice and maybe I can make it up as well, but I am busy this weekend.
 Reply by: HeavyC      Posted: 10/3/2023 11:17:43 PM     Points: 5896
We were there last weekend, and had good success between 75'-90', SLOW jigging within an inch or 3 from the bottom!

Good luck!

HC Out!
 Reply by: heed      Posted: 10/4/2023 9:48:34 PM     Points: 98
Thank you guys for the info! I will report back!
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