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Lake: Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Fish: Brown Trout

Hopper Explosion “large trout”

Post By: Bennyb SST      Posted: 9/20/2023 3:41:40 PM     Points: 503    
INSANE HOPPER BITE - a fun filled day full of action with nonstop trophy’s in the net. Fly fishing ReelHustle style with some good friends in South Park Colorado! Don’t miss this one, here is the episode [log in for link]
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 9/20/2023 6:17:33 PM     Points: 395
Awesome bro!! I still cant believe you haven't nabbed any trout (except lakers) over 30 inches. I have 5 but hey...I have only hitting NP and SP for 45+ years--so nothing to brag about really. Keep it up!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 9/20/2023 6:42:04 PM     Points: 11476
I can't count how many times a few hoppers saved the day(and me from going hungry)
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: 9/20/2023 7:36:55 PM     Points: 503
Thank you! Yes, I am still waiting for that 30+ inch trout. Not sure why I haven’t gotten there yet. But I will continue to try my best! Thanks for the support on the channel and fish on! Here’s a few more fish within the episode
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: 9/21/2023 1:31:58 PM     Points: 503
Killing it bro! I'll get up there soon.
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