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Lake: Boyd Lake

Boyd water level

Post By: tfotrout      Posted: 9/20/2023 10:21:12 AM     Points: 1474    
Any idea on when they will start letting water out of Boyd this year?
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 9/20/2023 10:25:05 AM     Points: 36949
They have been but it is only down about 3-4 feet from the high water level. The pull for ag irrigation should be about done.
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: 9/20/2023 10:33:59 AM     Points: 1474
Thanks Ray, will it stay this high throughout fall and winter?
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 9/20/2023 4:09:50 PM     Points: 37979
Been a good water year with all the rainfall, hopes it stays at a good level.

That being said, Greeley water can do as they please at any time. Let's keep fingers crossed there isn't a demand for it elsewhere.
 Reply by: fishingmanlee      Posted: 9/20/2023 5:14:21 PM     Points: 286
I was out on Sunday and I would say 95%. It is down a few feet from the high water mark earlier and I don't recall flooded trees anymore but still at waters edge. My home lake and I never have had this much water this time of year. Nice marks in the deeper areas of lake holding on or near breaklines/humps. Giant bait balls so thick it was messing with my sonar. Was mostly there for trailer bunk replacement so fishing was not the priority. If I had another hour or two I'm certain I could have boated a few. Trolling cranks around 3mph should have worked. Also, vertical jigging should have worked but it is paramount to closely watch sonar and stay on top of them. The small amount of time I did fish was spent making small moves of ten feet or so. My new Garmin Echomap has flasher function that I can pair with either traditional or truview. Game changer for sure
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