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Lake: Stagecoach Reservoir
Fish: Northern Pike

Elkhead/Stagecoach Pike Report

Post By: Catfish Billy      Posted: 8/18/2023 1:12:13 PM     Points: 153    
Looking for any information about current pike #'s in Elkhead and Stagecoach. I am not worried about how to catch them so much as if they are still in there, in numbers that would make it worth going up to target for a long weekend. We will be in Steamboat for the lady's birthday in early September and she is on a pike kick this month (took her to Spinney a few weeks ago to scratch the itch but that only made it worse after doing well!) and was looking to get into some pike. I know CPW has been removing them over the past 7 years from these bodies of water and just want to make sure pike fishing is still viable. Would be fishing out of a canoe with a trolling motor if that makes any difference, catching some larger trout or SMB would be fun if the pike are not biting.

Photo attached of her PR pike that has given her the 'itch' as to not hot spot where that fish came out of!
 Reply by: alechager      Posted: 8/19/2023 4:14:50 PM     Points: 86
Will be heading up tomorrow, Will report back on the status of the lake and fishing conditions, Will be targeting pike from shore will let you know what happens !
 Reply by: Lucius      Posted: 9/8/2023 8:35:09 AM     Points: 372
Any follow up here? Trying to decide where to do some pikein this weekend…
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: 9/8/2023 7:20:40 PM     Points: 312
I was at elkhead last July. It was kind of slow but the water temp was 75 to 77 degrees. I caught a few smaller pike every day I was there. I'm sure that the pike numbers are still pretty good. They are prolific spawners. I also caught some small mouth and there seemed to be a decent amount of smaller fish so they are still hoping there population intact. I suspect if I was there in June I would have done better as far as the size of the fish go. What kind of disappointed me was that I didn't catch any largemouths. With how much effort the parks and wildlife has put into replacing the smb with lmb I was thinking I could get into a fee nice ones. I saw some 2-3 inch lmb but did not catch any. It was my first time there so I can't say what it was like before the fish removal was going on. The lake did look pretty awesome for bass and pike.
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