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Lake: Road Canyon Reservoir

Road Canyon Update!

Post By: Senor Pescador      Posted: 7/6/2023 9:08:03 PM     Points: 107    
Hey all! Made it up to RC today finally—although it was for just the afternoon. I wanted to share what I saw and know. It was a gorgeous day—and the breeze made it feel a lot cooler. No biting action for me until 3–4:30. Then it was really active. I wish I could share a picture of the one that got away😁 I knew it was big as it fought all the way to the bank—then 10’ away decided to dart back into the deep—along the way taking my whole setup😆 It sure got me going though! The one I caught a few minutes later hit so hard—it nearly took my pole in the water. Good thing I had my foot on the pole! I had several that I missed but hit real hard. The other one that I caught was decent. It’ll be nice to fry ‘em up later. All in all—it felt good to I get back up there. Lots of campers still around. Looked like several people up the Rio Grande Res way too.

Can’t wait to get my boat on RC and hopefully RG soon! Hope y’all had a good day wherever you were!😀
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