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11Mile Reservoir

Post By: Anteroman      Posted: 5/28/2023 8:17:33 AM     Points: 6814    
Saw this on the 11 Mile fishing report, caught trolling a Rapala near the Marina, reported at 30Ē and weighed 18# 3 ozs.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: May. 28, 3:58:50 PM     Points: 71576
Dat ain't nuttin Bill. Look at this giant... my reverse stiff arm makes this 50" pike look like a 6 to 8" pike. 😊 Cuz I got skillz like that.. oh yeah it's 11 Mile
 Reply by: thill      Posted: May. 28, 7:15:02 PM     Points: 439
You can hold that fish any way you want - it is not 18lb's. It is a beautiful fish, but a long ways from 18lbs.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: May. 28, 8:16:30 PM     Points: 6814
I kinda felt the same way, great fish but I doubt itís 18#

AWB, I caught that pike when it was 42Ē long!

Hereís a shot of my largest trout from Antero back in 2009, it was 29Ē and had a girth of 17Ē it weighed 10 1/4 #
My fish was released.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: May. 29, 2:41:05 AM     Points: 264
I caught a 15# there and think dude's is legit. Fish of a lifetime!! Congrats!!
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: May. 30, 1:06:06 PM     Points: 2323
This fish was caught by a friend. He is CEO and owner of Pyramid fly co itís a legit 21.5 pounds. Thatís a very nice fish for sure. However Iím struggling with 18 pounds.
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: May. 30, 1:56:39 PM     Points: 68
I'm going with the stated 18# weight. I think we'd all agree that a fat 30" rainbow, which this certainly is, is going to go 15#, maybe more. If you look at the angler's right hand, showing only 3 fingers, his 4th would be about where the front of the pectoral fin is. A grown man's hand is about 4" across, whether he's holding it Benny-style or against his chest, doesn't matter. So little finger to fish's mouth about 10". Double that and you're still not back to the anal fin, and the fish is curving away from the camera. That fish is pushing 30" easily, IMO, and a good 8+" deep. And, Hey, this guy may be a CEO too.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: May. 30, 6:04:14 PM     Points: 264
Ya. Dudes right hand shows how big around it is. No tricky camera or stiffy required. I posted a few of my extra large fish over the years. Everybody jumps ya for keeping it or downplays the weight.. Well not everybody.....I had em weighed by a legit source and know whats what.. Congrats to dude! Actually he didn't even post the pic. Somebody got it from the Marinas's site and it doesn't come thru as clearly.
 Reply by: Nittany      Posted: May. 31, 9:10:30 PM     Points: 2
We caught a cutt in Pyramid this year at 36 inches and girth of 21 inches and it was measured on a scale at 19 pounds. That fish is no more than 12 pounds. Reminds me of everyone posting on Pyramid sites fish of 20 pounds that arenít even 15.
 Reply by: badextracab      Posted: Jun. 3, 8:31:34 AM     Points: 80
I Caught my 10 lber at mile, few yrs ago, no big deal if it happens it happens, Id Rather catch 16 inchers Taste better anyways. Just Sayin.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 6, 7:11:47 PM     Points: 264
Said no one ever.................
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