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Lake: Clinton Gulch Reservoir

leadville or copper residents

Post By: troutfinder      Posted: 5/23/2023 2:35:30 AM     Points: 791    
Hi all, wondering if anyone drives by clinton gulch and can verify if its all melted off and dry or is it partial ice and still a mud orsnow mess up there? I have never been much higher than the copper ponds this time of year and dont know how to gauge my conditions expectations for clinton shore fishing. Something tells me it might not fully be spring yet up that high? Thanks for any guidance
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 5/23/2023 8:18:40 AM     Points: 73044
do you do pretty well at Clinton Gulch? I threw a line there once for about 20 mins and moved on as we were "leaf" viewing more than fishing. If there's a chance for reasonable success I would like to go back with my tube.
 Reply by: mx491      Posted: 5/23/2023 8:39:07 AM     Points: 132
I have a conference in Keystone next week starting tuesday 5/30 and was planning on going by there to check it out and will let you know if you have'nt been yet.

anglerwannabe - There are a good amount of cutthroat in there. Mostly in the smallish range that aren't too tough to catch. The further back you go the better the fishing gets
 Reply by: troutfinder      Posted: 5/23/2023 8:42:21 AM     Points: 791
started trying it last summer, not this early in the year, and it was easy shore fishing with big dries for cutts that went 12-14. i would just walk up and down the shore by the east parking and look for cruisers but in between just toss out a big black foam ant no more than 15-25 feet and wait a few seconds for a strike then cast to a new area. I pretty much hit it on sunny days from mid-summer through october and would always get 4-8 strikes in a short amount of shore fishing. aggressive strikes with big splashes or watching them come up to the fly in the clear water... I've never tried the far side toward leadville or far down the lake
 Reply by: troutfinder      Posted: 5/23/2023 8:44:05 AM     Points: 791
but that looks like the prettiest and easiest place i've seen for a tube or kayak...such clear and clean water and nice views surrounding you and usually rises all around
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 5/23/2023 2:55:15 PM     Points: 73044
thank you. guess I'm gonna have to make the drive up there and actually try it
 Reply by: DogWalk67      Posted: 5/28/2023 6:05:06 AM     Points: 4
I drove by Clinton on the way to Leadville on Friday and it's starting to open up just a little by the edges near the highway. A few more days of warm weather should hopefully open enough to fish from the shore. It was snowing a little by Climax mine when I came home that day.
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