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Lake: Brush Hollow Reservoir

Footage: First Time Fishing Brush Hollow

Post By: kiva      Posted: 5/7/2023 8:16:52 PM     Points: 233    
Hey Guys,
Fished Brush Hollow for the first time and thought some of you would like to come along and check it out with me😎.


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 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: 5/7/2023 8:56:45 PM     Points: 2432
That looked like fun! If I was a local to the area I probably would fish that place a ton!
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 5/7/2023 9:47:26 PM     Points: 4466
Man that's my home water. I was just down there this afternoon. You better yell at me next time you're passing through. I'll set up the crappie taco station on the tailgate.
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: 5/8/2023 7:05:12 AM     Points: 233
Troutbisquits: Yea I think it’s kind of an early season little gem. Definitely going to put it in my fishing rotation!

Barnacles: I really enjoyed fishing on your home lake! I will definitely hit you up next time im down there…and we will make some fish tacos!
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 5/8/2023 9:56:28 AM     Points: 4466
I was less compassionate with my victims yesterday. Weird thing, I cleaned about 14 - every one of them was a scrawny male. Not sure why they stock so many in there when they're already stunted & they spawn like flies. It would do the place some good to take some out. I guess I'll do my part this week 😎
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