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Lake: Chatfield Reservoir

Kayak Tourney In The Snow

Post By: Skookshunter      Posted: 5/1/2023 7:38:03 PM     Points: 2176    
Last week Saturday the Colorado Kayak Bassmasters held their first kayak tourney of the year on Chatfield Reservoir. If you remember back to last week, the temps were very different than today! The day started out with snowy conditions, water temps were in the upper 40s, and air temp was 29 according to my truck! Despite the conditions, bass were caught believe it or not, but it was a grind! There were also a ton of walleye that were caught during the tourney. That's about the only time I'm not a fan of catching a walter! I captured my experience on film if you'd like to see how things turned out. Enjoy!
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 Reply by: eholm      Posted: May. 2, 2:31:22 PM     Points: 9118
Great work!
 Reply by: IceAngler86      Posted: May. 2, 4:04:38 PM     Points: 406
Congrats! Thats not "easy" fishing by any means!
 Reply by: Skookshunter      Posted: May. 2, 5:26:10 PM     Points: 2176
Thanks gents! Not easy but it makes it a memorable time and I do kind of enjoy fishing in miserable conditions. I mean the freezing gear sucks, but as long as you're bundled up and have a hot cup of coffee, its kinda fun!
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