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River: Big Thompson River - Canyon

Quick post for those seeking open rivers

Post By: troutfinder      Posted: 4/14/2023 9:49:21 AM     Points: 791    
I hit the Big Thompson below Estes last sunday. It was supposed to be less windy and more sunny but it was cloudy and gale force brutal in the pre-noon hours. but it didn't stop the fish. flows are only about 20 but to me it's perfect for wading and pocket water fishing and plenty of holding water. I ran into a frenzy around 11, fish were hammering a pheasant tail dropper off of my big dry on top. I even got 4 or 5 on top fly which was my go-to big black foam sailor ant. fish were definitely NOT holed up on the bottom of deep holes only, i was seeing and catching them in shallow riffles and runs less than a foot deep in places. saw tons of fish up below the dam stretch and they were also feeding like crazy after lunch on some hatch. no snow or ice for miles downstream so it's definitely a place to get out on these warmer days if you are jonesing for river fishing
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