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Lake: Chatfield Reservoir

Item found at Chatfield

Post By: Tyintil3      Posted: 4/7/2023 3:05:08 PM     Points: 160    
Hey all,

I was at Chatfield this morning and found a fishing item floating. I want to be able to return it to itís owner. If you lost something recently and can describe it let me know.

 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Apr. 8, 10:43:02 AM     Points: 9734
items were lost recently in the posting right here. Maybe the same?
 Reply by: fishingBB      Posted: Apr. 8, 8:51:01 PM     Points: 170
I'm the guy who got overturned. Unfortunately I keep figuring out things I lost.
Rod and a new lithium battery are at the bottom of the lake. Camo glove is missing it's partner.
Funny how much crap you keep on your boat and forget until you reach for it.
 Reply by: Tyintil3      Posted: Apr. 8, 10:12:32 PM     Points: 160
Hey fishingBB, I am sorry to hear about the lost gear. None of that is what I found. My kiddos like to come out on the boat and drag the magnet for lost items. If we find any of your stuff I will let you know.
 Reply by: fishingBB      Posted: Apr. 9, 6:05:25 AM     Points: 170
That would be awesome! Thanks so much!
In case anyone else reads this, I can be more descriptive and I also realized yesterday I lost three tackle boxes as I normally keep my trout one in my crate on the back.
One tackle box is red with a bunch of trout type lures in it, kind of a red swirl pattern that they sell at sportsmans warehouse. 3700 style with compartments.
The other two are grey colored 3700. One is double sided with red latches and that had the jerkbaits in it.
The other is also grey if my memory serves, two compartment and contained my soft swimbaits, jig heads, blade baits, etc.

Thanks again!!!
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