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Lake: Tarryall Reservoir

Ice edge condition

Post By: Doughhead      Posted: 3/22/2023 4:01:48 PM     Points: 22    
how are the edges at tarryall?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Mar. 22, 4:21:18 PM     Points: 71576
this is a pending report.. just giving the skipper a chance to approve it is why you're not seeing it yet

I didn't get water temp, but air was in the 20's when I arrived around 8:30, 30's when I left around noon. Ice was 28", mostly covered with a bit of crusty/blown snow. Some sheet ice where the snow had blown off or melted/re-froze. Edges still looked good. Friday night up there was around 7, Saturday night around 0 so it is shouldn't be losing ice too quickly. Fished in 12 FOW, caught over a dozen between of us.
 Reply by: Doughhead      Posted: Mar. 22, 4:40:52 PM     Points: 22
thank you!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Mar. 22, 5:46:14 PM     Points: 264
Maybe this helps. I had a chance to hit Elevenmile for a few hours for the last 3 weeks in a row. I hit it all 3 times from around 8am through around 11am. Never even needed gloves or heavy boots. In fact I could have worn shorts and a t-shirt twice. Yesterday was my last trip and I hit boat dock bay by the Marina. Ice was appx 15-18 inches with some melty/spooky spots right up against the rocks. The ice is turning colors a little bit and the ice near the boat dock looks like it has had some major upheaval and re-freezing. I'm sure it was safe but it was a bit unnerving-------super slick too. Bring cleats. I didnt!!!
 Reply by: IceAngler86      Posted: Mar. 26, 8:05:04 AM     Points: 406
Doughhead ... i just got back yesterday .. we didn't break the 20's all day and wind blew darn hard ... caught a fish and tossed in outside the house and I think it was frozen solid in 5 mins max. We had no issues with the edges on the west side of the lake. Made several trips on and off during the day without issue. Pending my lake report update ... there was even a dually truck and four-person ATV running around the ice for a portion of the PM!!!
 Reply by: Doughhead      Posted: Mar. 26, 10:10:20 AM     Points: 22
Thx IA
i was on the lake as well on thu and observed the same
on before sunrise and off by 10
had my limit before the sun peaked over the mtn but bite died @ 9
ice was still approx 30" ... bumped the ice with my auger motor with an extension attached
 Reply by: IceAngler86      Posted: Mar. 26, 10:46:16 AM     Points: 406
Interesting ... we had pretty decent action most of the day in terms of graphing fish but the bite wasn't fast and furious. We saw a number of people coming out in the mid afternoon so wondered if there was a PM/sunset bite. Great to know about the AM fishing.

How bad was your wind?!?! I had external & internal anchors down for my house and still thought it my get torn apart a couple times mid morning. Weather gods thanked us when I drilled a hole for an older gentleman with a hand auger ... he'd already made it through (30") once ... bless his soul.
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