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Soda Lakes.

Post By: old troll      Posted: 3/14/2023 12:11:53 PM     Points: 3316    
Parked in both the swim beach and boat ramp lots. Both areas had No Fishing sings posted. Is the lake now closed to fishing ?

 Reply by: cherrington11      Posted: Mar. 14, 12:34:43 PM     Points: 17
Little Soda never allows fishing. As far as the bug lake, you are not allowed to fish from the swim beach area and this has been since at least 2011. I park in a different spot and I have not seen any no sighing signs from that access. But I have not been there since the fall so they may have changed it since but I did see people ice fishing a lot this year. Either way there is no fish in that lake.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: Mar. 14, 8:56:55 PM     Points: 431
Old Troll, park where I have the pin and take the trail down to Big Soda, park and enter for free. Old road bed there, saugeye are available and minnows work.
 Reply by: old troll      Posted: Mar. 15, 10:21:52 AM     Points: 3316
Thanks Guys, You info is appreciated!
 Reply by: Bizkits Dad      Posted: Mar. 16, 1:02:08 PM     Points: 449
Thanks for the tip. I rode there on my mountain bike yesterday and took my dog with me. Nice looking water. Plan on going back with my float tube soon. There's a guy living in a trailer (a very nice one) on that patch of dirt you have pinned. Not sure if that means anything, but there is some parking on the other side of the road to the south.

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