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Jigging knot

Post By: Beto33      Posted: 1/27/2023 9:19:24 AM     Points: 60    
Hello, curious to see what knot yall use when jigging. Especially now through the ice on tube jigs.

 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 27, 11:25:19 AM     Points: 11029
The last few years i have been using the uni knot for lure connections with floro line. It has been a great knot for me. Seems to hold well when tied right. Double uni knot for braid to floro. I used the improved clinch knot since I learned to fish. Good knot to start with but since moved on to the uni. I run the line through twice when starting the knot as well.
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: Jan. 28, 7:11:25 AM     Points: 1492
I wonder if a loop knot would give the jig more action? A perfection loop might be good? I am not sure that I would try one with cold fingers.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Jan. 28, 10:51:18 AM     Points: 22288
I use a good ole Polamer Knot. Nothing fancy and it works.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Jan. 28, 3:17:02 PM     Points: 9734

what do you use?
Do you only use tube jigs?
Do you know how to tie any good fishing knots that you want to share with all of us?

What kind of fishing line are you using? What pound test? What species are you fishing for?
 Reply by: Flyguy44      Posted: Jan. 28, 5:23:07 PM     Points: 250
Uni knot works great for tube jigs ice fishing & lots of other rigs too!
 Reply by: Driftinbugz      Posted: Jan. 28, 7:48:38 PM     Points: 759
Loop knot let's the jig move more freely. Pay attention to the wagy your Palomar and clinch knots sit all wonky on the eye. Loop knot eliminates that.
 Reply by: Getaklu      Posted: Jan. 30, 7:17:25 PM     Points: 357
Standard clinch knot works for me, though some folks seem to have them untie. Easy to tie even with cold fingers
 Reply by: SurfaceIron      Posted: Jan. 31, 12:42:39 PM     Points: 404
Improved Clinch Knot with 5 turns. Tighten it down well and push it towards the hook side of the eyelet. It makes the tube or jig hang more level.
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: Jan. 31, 12:50:48 PM     Points: 542
Loop knot for vertical jigging
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