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Colorado has MONSTERS

Post By: Bennyb SST      Posted: 1/24/2023 2:08:47 PM     Points: 329    
Best day of ICE FISHING we have ever had 🐷 We iced 40 fish that averaged between 20-24” and the ACTION was INSANE! Good friends, great food, and new toys made this trip unforgettable! If your interested to see the action here is our best episode to date [log in for link]
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 24, 2:09:37 PM     Points: 329
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 24, 2:10:53 PM     Points: 329
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: Jan. 24, 2:45:24 PM     Points: 3274
Whoa... I was proud to survive a few hours on the ice and catch seven dinkers this morning. You've shattered my self esteem again. I'm no biologist, but I think one of those is a manatee. Incredible.
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 24, 2:55:04 PM     Points: 329
Thank you for your support and hey, at least you got fish. There’s a lot of skunks that take place in this industry. And you manage to a six or seven. Good work my friend.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 24, 4:20:04 PM     Points: 10957
UFTA! . . .I don't know if I spelled that right,but you folks know how to do it!
Well done!
 Reply by: That1guy, fishing      Posted: Jan. 24, 5:41:59 PM     Points: 229
Those are some hogs!!! Where was this at...
 Reply by: fishinaddiction247      Posted: Jan. 24, 6:54:46 PM     Points: 312
Very nice fish! Are fires illegal on the ice? Same with use of live bait in that lake?
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: Jan. 24, 7:35:23 PM     Points: 5930
Those really are some monsters! How do you guys avoid catching the small ones? lol
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 24, 9:31:24 PM     Points: 329
Thank you guys! My wife is actually from Minnesota, so it spelled UFDA. At least I think. Appreciate you guys for your support. We got lucky and caught a lot of monsters. The next episode has the bigger fish. Part two coming soon.
 Reply by: ark angler      Posted: Jan. 25, 8:15:00 AM     Points: 212
Nice fish! How were the roads getting in there?
 Reply by: nickfishnick      Posted: Jan. 25, 6:18:13 PM     Points: 475
This is lake Jhon in north park very slim but a chance it could be north delaney but since delaneys are flies and lures only i doubt it
 Reply by: fishinaddiction247      Posted: Jan. 25, 7:03:27 PM     Points: 312
Fires are also illegal everywhere on the ice, unless it's in an enclosed container. But who cares or reads regulations anymore..
 Reply by: ronco      Posted: Jan. 26, 2:02:58 PM     Points: 106
Does CPW still watch these pages?
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 26, 5:23:03 PM     Points: 230
You guys have the magic touch. I have fished there year round for over 30 years.. I know exactly where you were fishing. Lots of browns, bows and cuttbows in the 4-6 lb range with several between 8-10. You guys either edit a lot of footage or are the king of kings. Never had action that fast and furious. Your camera stretches the truth a bit but everybody loves the fish porn. Thought I would have more time to play hooky once the kids grew up and moved out but........................NOOOOO!! Hasn't worked out that way. Keep posting!! Great viewing--from my office!!!!
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 27, 12:19:51 AM     Points: 329
Thanks for your support! Happy you enjoyed the video and yes it was on fire. Between the new moon and a proper barometer. The fish were definitely chewing. You are a lucky guy to get a fish there for 30+ years! We appreciate you taking the time to watch this from your office! Part two coming soon with even bigger fish, and just as hot of action. A few personal best and some amazing colored up Cutbows between 25 3/4 and 26 1/8 coming next! This episode was day one. The next one that is coming will be day 2
 Reply by: randog      Posted: Jan. 27, 12:10:22 PM     Points: 1763
Nice ones. definitely big fish, but monters naw. When the record brown is 30lb, and rainbow is 19lbs. Now those are monsters. Monster in my opinion would be 12 plus pounds rainbows, 15lb browns. Now those would be some monters. Anyways nice fish.
 Reply by: Coyute      Posted: Jan. 30, 9:54:34 AM     Points: 139
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: Jan. 31, 6:41:51 PM     Points: 329
Thanks appreciate your feed back! Fish on
 Reply by: mx491      Posted: Feb. 3, 6:41:53 AM     Points: 63
Haha I don't think a fish needs to be approaching record size to be considered a monster and the number of large fish being caught is just incredible. I don't see any reason why you would "stretch the truth" either lol. Some of these comments crack me up. Well done!

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