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Lake: Bear Creek Lake

Bear Creek current condition?

Post By: Kirk56      Posted: 1/20/2023 7:03:04 AM     Points: 69    
Anyone have eyes on this lake?
 Reply by: GRMESS      Posted: Jan. 20, 8:01:34 AM     Points: 36
I drive by this lake every day, twice per day, I have seen people out off the main point several times recently & heard/seen good reports as far as ice conditions & fishing.
 Reply by: old troll      Posted: Jan. 20, 5:03:04 PM     Points: 3247
Have fished the lake twice in the last two weeks. A lot of 7 or 8 up to 10 inch stocker RBs with a few larger ones, almost any where in the lake in 10 to20 ft. of water.
 Reply by: Raskal      Posted: Jan. 21, 11:58:57 AM     Points: 2906
Anyone care to comment on the ice thickness ?????
 Reply by: da_teacher      Posted: Jan. 21, 3:03:10 PM     Points: 59
I was out there last Friday. Easy 7-8 at thy boat ramp. Bunch of folks out...saw ppl at Pelican and by the dam.
 Reply by: rmontgomery84      Posted: Jan. 22, 4:37:08 PM     Points: 324
Fished this morning, about 9" all over the place except for the inlet where it's open water full of geese. Pink tube jigs were the key, even got this chunk on the ice, back in the water for the next guy to catch!
 Reply by: da_teacher      Posted: Jan. 23, 3:30:20 PM     Points: 59
All trout!!! Where are the perch? Eyes? Smallies? Parked at Pelican... went straight to the middle... then towards the dam. Worked our way back to the lot.

Are there shad in BC? Had schools of something come in and out on my screen. Trout went from 7" to one that was any 16-17"?
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Jan. 24, 8:07:23 PM     Points: 138
How's the Snow/slush?? Taking my nephew there on Thursday, he's never ice fished
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: Jan. 25, 9:57:04 AM     Points: 7644
My last trip out there resulted in one 16" bow and several smaller ones less than 10". I did catch one keeper sized perch and the school stayed around the hole for a short while but I could not get them to hit anything that I tried. I released the perch, it was 8 or 9 inches. Never did see the school again.
 Reply by: Raskal      Posted: Jan. 25, 7:18:39 PM     Points: 2906
Ice east of the dock was 8 inches thick, clear and strong with 2 inches of snow on top. Caught 5 small stocker rainbows this morning .... nothing of any size.

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