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Lake: Granby Lake

Granby Cabin Camera

Post By: ParkerDude      Posted: 1/18/2023 6:18:27 PM     Points: 1290    
I am going to miss Mike Smith's Lake Granby camera. I looked at it all the time to see what the conditions are on the lake. Maybe there is a way we could contribute as users somehow and keep it going? I wonder how many more people used it frequently like I did. I'm sorry to see it go, but thanks Mike for providing it for free for so many years.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Jan. 18, 7:36:56 PM     Points: 2676
There is a donation link. You guys should use it. Its a fairly big expense for something so many use.
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Jan. 18, 7:50:00 PM     Points: 1290
I've seen the donation link, I don't know what it would take to have Mike change his mind, how many donations it would take to offset the cost, or how many used it all the time like I did. We'll see if there are others that respond on this link, if there is no response that might tell the story. If people are not willing to kick in something I completely understand Mike letting it go. Sorry, Mike Evans, not Mike Smith, don't know where the Smith came from.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Jan. 18, 8:06:07 PM     Points: 2676
I know Mike.Like everything, prices go up. He is only worried about covering the cost of the hosting for the live feed. Contact him through the site if you have questions.
 Reply by: fishingmanlee      Posted: Jan. 19, 7:00:59 AM     Points: 213
I use the camera pretty regularly too. More for snow conditions and I REALLY like watching the birdies!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Jan. 19, 8:07:15 AM     Points: 1290
I have no idea what it costs. Let's donate some money,
I'll do it now. If it's enough maybe he'll resume it, if it's not, consider it payment for the years of past use. He only asks for a very modest donation, way less than one trip to Bass Pro.

[log in for link]
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: Jan. 19, 6:55:29 PM     Points: 92434
Just kicked in. Thanks for heads up. Iím not sure I ever used the camera, but I love the concept
 Reply by: bottom_pounder      Posted: Jan. 19, 9:58:58 PM     Points: 152
Love being able to see the lake from home. Use it most this time of year anxiously awaiting to see others out on snowmobiles. Just made a donation.
 Reply by: Jim S.      Posted: Jan. 21, 7:35:38 PM     Points: 239
Just kicked in... Didn't use it that often, but sure appreciated it when i did!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Jan. 22, 7:44:17 AM     Points: 1290
Great news! Mike is going to open it back up to those that make a very modest donation. He isn't asking for much, please help him out! Can't wait to see the snowmobiles running freely across the lake. Thanks to those that have already donated!
 Reply by: ronco      Posted: Jan. 22, 10:58:21 AM     Points: 108
 Reply by: bouldertrout      Posted: Jan. 22, 12:48:43 PM     Points: 32
Same here.
 Reply by: Dsieg      Posted: Feb. 4, 12:37:44 PM     Points: 359
Just donated. keep it going and get the word out!
 Reply by: Baetis62      Posted: Feb. 5, 11:13:20 AM     Points: 22
I bucked up. I've been checking out the cam for years. Happy to help a little bit to keep it going.

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