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Lake: Antero Reservoir
Fish: Cutbow Trout

Antero Res was sketchy but we got some good ones

Post By: Bennyb SST      Posted: 12/13/2022 4:08:07 PM     Points: 530    
Although the conditions were extremely sketchy at Antero Reservoir, we still managed to put some very nice fish on the ice! From big fat rainbows to colored up Cutbow’s it was a day to remember! Lots of action, good friends, and an all-around epic experience! If you’re interested to see the action, here’s the video [log in for link]
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 12/13/2022 4:30:06 PM     Points: 78153
Nice fish! A lake update on this early ice would definitely be helpful!
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: 12/13/2022 6:50:11 PM     Points: 530
The best update that I can give is that I was there fishing on Friday a few days back. I fished close to the north shore, boat ramp. The shoreline ice seemed stable, but about 100 yards off the bank was open water. I walked out in the pitch black and I drilled a hole about 50 feet from that open water not knowing. my auger went through immediately and it was about 3 inches of ice. Throughout the day, I got warm and water would spew through your hole as you were fighting a fish and you would end up in about two or 3 inches of Water around the hole. I’m not sure what has happened since I’ve been gone. I went to Wyoming for a couple days and Colorado as well.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 12/13/2022 9:18:53 PM     Points: 78153
Thank you for the detailed update. What I ment was a lake update on the antero page. It makes it much easier to find and look at historical data from year to year. A great way to earn some points for extra chances at the winter giveaway!
I'll attach the link. Thanks again.
[log in for link]
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 12/14/2022 12:10:06 PM     Points: 17861
Benny- I think the link Goosehunter82 posted won't work because he was logged in as skipper when he copied it. Here is the link to the Antero page:

[log in for link]

And here is the direct link to the conditions update page:

[log in for link]

I've posted a couple of screenshots below for further clarification.

I really like your pictures and videos, especially when you reveal specific techniques and gear! I also appreciate that you've become savvy to not blow up small bodies of water.

You're out there hitting it multiple days every week showing the best of what can be caught in our region. It makes us all jealous in a good way.

I agree with Goosehunter82, if you could start posting "conditions updates" on the waters you visit, it would be much appreciated. It will also go a long way to earn cred here on the forum, especially with the old school guys who don't "get" the youtube culture.

As you will see on the update form, it's very easy and won't take more than 2 minutes. You don't have to write a story of the whole experience, or even talk about the fish you caught. Just conditions is fine.

Doing that will add a lot of value to this community (as you will literally see the points increase next to your name), and over time I think you will win over the old timers too and get even more YT subscribers. Win-win.
 Reply by: daj2783      Posted: 12/14/2022 6:15:27 PM     Points: 8968
I'll give you max points if you submit the antero update
 Reply by: myrone      Posted: 12/22/2022 11:48:57 AM     Points: 1693
Arrived North shore around 10am. Ice was a solid 12", slick and wind-blown. Bright sunshine with a steady NW wind of approx 15-20 mph making the ice holes freeze fairly constant. Fishing was very slow at approx 12' depth with crystal-clear water clarity. However, did manage a 16" brown caught/released to avoid being "skunked".
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: 12/25/2022 9:46:21 PM     Points: 530
OK guys I will definitely try to be better about these updates. Thank you for the recommendations and I am still kind of new to this page and learning how it works. I will follow the instructions. You guys have set and be better in the future. Thank you all!
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