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Ice auger handle update

Post By: phidoux      Posted: 11/23/2022 5:24:13 PM     Points: 9000    
Thanks to everyone that replied to the original post.
I found a 1/2" 20v Craftsman drill with battery and charger, that gives me 5 batteries and 4 chargers, on sale at Lowes for $59 and ordered an adaptor from amazon for $33. As much as I would've liked to get the clam shell plate it was out of my price range as I don't have a 1/2" battery drill and would have to buy the drill too.
This is what I ordered from amazon.
[log in for link]
Thanks again

 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 11/23/2022 8:30:42 PM     Points: 407
That conversion is one of the slicker ones I have seen. Let me know how it works. I have way too many augers so maybe I can sell one or two converted rather than as is.
 Reply by: ozzy      Posted: 11/23/2022 10:02:57 PM     Points: 1994
I have a similar conversion kit. Make sure you use that collar every time! Your auger will come loose at some point and if that collar isnt on there, its gonna take a swim.
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