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Fish: Rainbow Trout

First Ice and lots of action. Took out a first timer

Post By: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/23/2022 4:05:03 PM     Points: 315    
Our first ice of the season, and we got out to a lake at about 10.6K this past weekend... It was NONSTOP ACTION for the few hours that we were there! Early ice conditions with ice ranging from a 4" to 5", and a small layer of snow on top of the whole lake. Easily the most comfortable first ice conditions I have ever fished, with temperatures in the mid 20's, sunny the whole day, and very little wind. We spud barred out a path and got some holes drilled with depths of water fished ranging from 6 feet to 13 feet. Didn't seem to matter too much where we drilled, as the trout activity was crazy and the double ups were happening all day!!!

Got a buddy out for his VERY FIRST time on the ice...Needless to say with the weather being so cooperative and the action being very consistent, he had a blast

Weapons of choice were several patterns of the Dynamic Lures tungsten jigs and my GF used her hand tied wax worm fly she recently made, it worked tremendously. The trailers on the jigs we used were roadside minnow soft plastics. Firetiger Nano fry and the fake perch eyes they make. I've found the fake perch eyes work tremendously for trout. We also used real wax worms as well. The main reason I switched to them was that my GF caught two white suckers with real wax worms, so I figured I would try too need to stock up on some laker bait haha.

Tremendous time out and good times had by everyone! We safely estimate around 50+ fish caught and no one got cold or fell through the ice! FIRST ICE SUCCESS!! Hope you all enjoy your turkey day tomorrow, and after get out on the hard water and hook some fish🎣 Pictures below of the day and a video link as well...Of course lots of action, Fun underwater shots, and drone shots of the area!!

[log in for link]

 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/23/2022 4:05:29 PM     Points: 315
More pics of the day
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 11/24/2022 8:31:07 AM     Points: 4107
Great stuff. Hard to believe it's already time to start poking around on the ice.
Not ready for this.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/25/2022 11:42:17 AM     Points: 315

Was crazy to see island lake being fished too this same day, things seem to be moving ahead of schedule up high! Can't wait to get out again tomorrow
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