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Lake: Dillon Reservoir

Dillon Ice

Post By: Migboy78      Posted: 11/22/2022 5:42:35 PM     Points: 116    
Is the Snake river inlet frozen for Ice Fishing?
Wanting to go up for some Thanksgiving Salmon


 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Nov. 22, 6:08:50 PM     Points: 69269
Check out the report from yesterday. All the info your looking for is there.
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 Reply by: Dorfer      Posted: Nov. 23, 8:04:59 AM     Points: 652
See the conditions report from a couple days ago. The poster says they ice fished the inlet.
 Reply by: dasflikken      Posted: Nov. 23, 11:15:23 AM     Points: 8594
I posted that report, forgot to post the visibility which was 7-8 feet. Water has a whitish stain. The ice is there, but the Kokes are not.
 Reply by: Migboy78      Posted: Nov. 23, 3:37:26 PM     Points: 116
Thanks Guys
Appriciate the input
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