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Lake: Granby Lake

Trying to find lake front cabin rental on Granby or Grand Lake

Post By: JKaboom      Posted: 11/4/2022 2:57:24 PM     Points: 620    
I was wondering if anyone knew of a lake front rental on Granby or Grand Lake? I've been searching but not coming up with anything on the actual lake front.

I want to stay on the lake with my wife and mother in-law and they can enjoy the cabin with lake/mountain views while I go ice fish.

 Reply by: rmontgomery84      Posted: 11/4/2022 3:13:26 PM     Points: 324
I actually have this same request, minus the mother-in-law part!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 11/4/2022 3:53:54 PM     Points: 69361
here's what Mac Attack posted on the plus side

Aspen Leaf Lodges (970) 531-1044

They're not on the water.

AIRBNB would be the easiest search for water side.
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 11/4/2022 5:31:22 PM     Points: 620
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 11/4/2022 6:04:18 PM     Points: 44518
I liked Daven Haven and Lemon Lodge in Grand Lake as well as Aspen Leaf. They are walking distance from the water.
 Reply by: Crit      Posted: 11/5/2022 10:46:05 PM     Points: 10
Not cabins but Beacon Landing and Northshore resort are on the lake.
Located on pump house road
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