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Lake: Prewitt Reservoir

New Water in Prewitt

Post By: kenny      Posted: 11/1/2022 4:20:05 PM     Points: 1902    
I noticed that the inlet was running into Prewitt last Friday. Today I got the chance to check it out.
The Lake is VERY low but already getting noticeably fuller. It never got down to dead pool, and to my knowledge did not have a fish kill. So it looks like we dodged the bullet, will have the chance to catch a fish or two soon..

I will pray to the fish Gods for a wet year....
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 11/2/2022 7:54:34 AM     Points: 10574
Wet year is the hopes of it. Unfortunately the damage is all ready done to our lakes out east. I didnít see a lot of dead fish at Prewitt but i know they was some. The birds were really thick out here. Makes me wonder how much fish they can eat when the water is so low.

I guess we will find out this year.
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