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Master Angler Browns for this Father & Son

Post By: Bennyb SST      Posted: 11/1/2022 3:38:56 PM     Points: 219    
It was all smiles for two random strangers “father & son” who were in the right place at the right time. Craig and his son Ashton watched curiously as Tyler and I netted trout after trout while filming this episode. I decided it was going to be “their day” so without warning I hooked into a Master Angler world class trophy brown and handed my fly Rod off to Craig. The smile and excitement that lasted well beyond the netting of this fish will forever be remembered. After I set hook into the biggest fish of the day and quickly handed it to Ash it was time to Re- Rig both of their fly rods. With in 20 minutes they were both hooting and hollering down the bank and forever grateful. Don’t Miss the stoke! “The Brown Trout Chronicles “ episode 3 - KYPE DREAMS [log in for link]
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 11/1/2022 3:48:30 PM     Points: 382
"world class trophy brown" the entire south island of new zealand would like a word with you

decent fish for CO, but its all about the good memories in the end
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: 11/1/2022 4:06:01 PM     Points: 219
Thanks! Yes they were beyond excited to break 22” may not be the biggest browns we have caught in the BTC series. But by all means they were the happiest father/son combo I’ve seen in years. One love
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 11/1/2022 8:00:29 PM     Points: 178
You guys are dialed in. Congrats!!!
 Reply by: Wreckstar      Posted: 11/2/2022 10:28:03 AM     Points: 3091
@3way, I mean those fish in New Zealand get fat off the Salmon farms. They eat fish feed all day long. Calling those fish world class, even though they top the scales, is like calling the tank at Bass Pro gold medal waters.
 Reply by: Bennyb SST      Posted: 11/4/2022 4:06:53 PM     Points: 219
I was just super stoked to see these guys have so much fun! They might not be the biggest Browns you’ve ever seen but they were beautiful fish nonetheless. Much love for all the support. Fish on.
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