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Battery storage trickle charger

Post By: morry      Posted: 10/31/2022 10:15:35 AM     Points: 211    

This was an off year for me, little time to fish, but did have a few great days on the water, both on the boat and wading.

For the 1st time in 20 years I am utilizing remote indoor storage for my boat. I have always had the boat in my garage, but have downsized the house and no longer have space for two cars and a boat.

My boat has two batteries switchable for battery #1 or #2 or both.
Is there a type of automatic trickle charger that keep the batteries healthy. The boat will be in storage for 6 months. I would like to get a simple type unit, connect and forget.

Any recommendations?


 Reply by: richw88      Posted: 10/31/2022 11:19:04 AM     Points: 28
I have a small Minn Kota charger, but it's similar to many others.
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A wet cell doesn't discharge much when it's idle,, but any periods of under-charge contribute to decreased battery life. Just to keep it up, I put mine on the charger above all winter, but I put TWO vacation-type timers in series with the charger. Both are set to pass current about an hour a day, so first sends current to the second an hour a day, and the second sends current to the charger an hour every 24 days. With two batteries you'd want to connect them in PARALLEL (plus-to-plus) with jumper wires so the charger is seeing 12 volts, not 24. Hard to describe, but that keeps the charging to a minimum, which is all that's required.
 Reply by: sylvan      Posted: 10/31/2022 2:31:36 PM     Points: 12730
I had 4 batteries and used 2 Minn Kota 210D's one will charge 2 batteries and will trickle/storage charge all winter BPS also has a like charger which is a little cheaper.
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 10/31/2022 2:45:34 PM     Points: 619
I used this for 3 years when not using my boat stored inside. It was setup to charge my two 12V batteries hooked together. It did very well.
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 Reply by: idlerick      Posted: 10/31/2022 4:56:32 PM     Points: 20
You could also use something like this:
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if you don't have 110v where you store the boat. I use one when I store my boat in Fairplay out in a fenced lot with no power. It will re-charge and maintain a 12 v DC battery at about 3-4 days charging for 1 day's use (depending on sunlight amount). Get a decent one, though, not a thin-film Chinese Cheapie. HAS TO HAVE a voltage controller/regulator so it doesn't over-charge the battery. (That's true of all chargers.)
 Reply by: Elrod      Posted: 11/1/2022 1:35:21 PM     Points: 112
Look at the NOCO GENIUS 2X2. 2 banks, 2 amps each, smart charging. Hook it up and walk away.
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 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 11/2/2022 8:04:43 AM     Points: 9734
Any kind of two bank battery charger will do the job. It would be just like the one you have on your boat. Just have to attach to the batteries and plug in. Most on board chargers have the maintenance abilities now a days. Just have to decide how much you want to spend on one.
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