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Antero and Elevenmile with the new Z-Spec

Post By: Big_D      Posted: 10/23/2022 4:39:48 PM     Points: 459    
I try out the new Z-Spec from Dynamic Lures at Antero and Elevenmile res. I was getting lots of hits on it. No catch and cook on this one but hopefully after I recover from heart surgery.

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 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 10/23/2022 6:01:35 PM     Points: 3013
Oh man, that was a hog you lost at Eleven mile. Hopefully after your surgery you'll be back out there! Thanks for sharing.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/23/2022 6:30:44 PM     Points: 11333
Heart surgery has become an everyday thing. I have a pacemaker and its been almost eight years(time for a new one) saw the Dr. Friday and made a date to get a new one put in . . . .it's a day thing . . .in at 5am,home in time for an early dinner.We have the best Drs around . . .let them do their thing and you should be fine.I told the Dr. he had to wait till after the boat ramps close to do my operation,luckly my pacemaker has enough power to last till January.
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: 10/23/2022 10:30:34 PM     Points: 459
I'm gonna bring my big net next time I head to Elevenmile and Antero! I know it's supposed to be a routine procedure but anything that involves the heart is scary.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/24/2022 5:14:46 AM     Points: 11333
A bigger net would be good,zip tie a chunk of pool noodle to it so it floats.Being scared is OK . . .I had no Idea what was up when they feed me a really nice piece of beef for dinner,the next morning I had open heart surgery and a tripple by-pass. A year later I got my pacemaker . . . .the stuff they do with pacemakers is unbeliveable . . . .mine has a defibulator too.If I have a heart attack it will jump start me! It also can be used to "tune" my heart . . .my heart was going bang/bang/tap/tap . . . .not real strong on the tap/tap part now my heart beats the same all over "bang/bang/bang/bang . . .I could feel the differance as soon as I was awake.
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: 10/24/2022 1:04:42 PM     Points: 459
@Hawaiian Punch, holy cow brother! I feel like a wimp compared to what you went through. My procedure is just a laser inserted into my artery and it burns off part of my heart that causes the afibs. Thanks for sharing. I feel a little bit better. Let's fish together when I heal. I know we were supposed to hit the Creek over summer but I got busy with work.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/24/2022 4:07:20 PM     Points: 11333
Big-_D . . . .is that a day surgery? or do they hold you overnight?If they hold you over night . . .bring your own pillows or have someone bring you your own pillows.I can't stand hosiptal pillows.We still have November to fish.I'm a regular face at Aurora till Nov 30.
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: 10/24/2022 5:51:55 PM     Points: 459
If everything goes well it's 4 hours of sleep and a few hours of observation and I'm back home. If not then I'm staying overnight.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/24/2022 7:30:55 PM     Points: 11333
Walk in the park!
Ask me about my heart attack . . . I was in prison at Trinnadad and we had one if not "the" worst snow storm in CO history . . .Dec 31 2007 . . the national guard came out to the prison in a giant end loader and took me and a guard into town in the front bucket.Two days later,they flew me to Pueblo in a helicopter and the folks at the hospital feed me a hunk of beef for dinner.Little did I know!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/26/2022 8:26:46 PM     Points: 11333
Big _D . . .funny how things go . . .I got a call from the eletrocardo folks . . . .I go in Tuesday morning at 7:30 am and should be home for dinner . . . .YUP . . .it's time to replace my pacemaker . . .8 years sure went by fast! I'll write you Tuesday night or Wed,let you know how it went.I wanted to wait till after the boat ramps closed for this year,but they had a cancilation and called me in.
 Reply by: Big_D      Posted: 10/27/2022 9:21:07 AM     Points: 459
I hope everything went well Hawaiian Punch! I'm home recovering from my surgery. Things went really well. Only side affects so far are chest tightness and some hurt burn. Hope to recover in a few days and chase big fish again! Let me know how you are feeling.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/27/2022 9:39:31 AM     Points: 11333
I am going in on Oct 1st . . .glad to hear your operation went well . . .7 days from now you should be just fine.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 10/28/2022 6:19:53 AM     Points: 11333
November 1st . . . .not Oct 1st.
next Tue.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 10/29/2022 5:00:21 PM     Points: 8447
H-P I hope everything turns out OK, looking forward to many more reports from you.

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