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Fish: Brook Trout

Spawning male brookie with black mouth

Post By: eholm      Posted: 10/17/2022 2:54:22 PM     Points: 16513    
Fishing an alpine lake a couple days ago, we caught and released some beautiful brookies including this male. The blackness on this one makes it pretty spectacular in my opinion.
 Reply by: eholm      Posted: 10/17/2022 3:02:10 PM     Points: 16513
Here's another one I caught that takes fish p*rn to a new level. This guy was really in the middle of spawning. I handled him gently and got him right back in the water to hopefully finish his business. I'm guessing the action of being caught might be what made him leak, which would be unfortunate...perhaps a case for not fishing for them during spawning season. (This of course is highly debatable in Colorado. CPW still stocks brookies, but in many waters they're considered invasive species that outcompete native cutthroats) We certainly were not targeting redds either we were fishing deep water in a lake. In any case it was interesting to see...
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 10/17/2022 4:25:15 PM     Points: 745
Sweet fish. Prob the prettiest fish in our state imo
 Reply by: Gurnman      Posted: 10/18/2022 12:10:08 PM     Points: 603
Love those pictures.
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