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New Ice Shelter and Ice rods for Sale

Post By: BobLoblaw      Posted: 10/6/2022 8:15:31 PM     Points: 78    
Pop up ice shelter, 10 spinning rods most new, 2 used spinning combos from Kevin (FOM).

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 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 10/6/2022 8:23:08 PM     Points: 38
Iíll take the rods. Let me know how to meet up and Iíll gladly do so. No interest in the shelter because if I buy another one my girlfriend will kill me.
 Reply by: BobLoblaw      Posted: 10/7/2022 6:46:44 AM     Points: 78

Somebody from Craigslist hit me up via text before you, if he doesnt show up tomorrow morning I will let you know. He just wants the rods also.


 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 10/7/2022 8:26:44 AM     Points: 38
Ok no problem.
 Reply by: BobLoblaw      Posted: 10/8/2022 8:33:20 AM     Points: 78
Ice rods are sold.
 Reply by: BobLoblaw      Posted: 10/20/2022 12:17:41 AM     Points: 78
shelter sold
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