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Eskimo Propane Auger & Marcum LX-7L for Sale

Post By: BroncFan      Posted: 10/5/2022 8:46:39 AM     Points: 351    
Marcum LX-7L: $550
Purchased last year and took it out twice. Turns out I'm a vexilar guy and don't really care to learn a new platform.

Eskimo HC40 10" propane Auger: $300
Used for a couple of seasons. Runs strong and you don't have the smell of gas on your hands.

I live in Broomfield. If interested I can make the exchange in the Northgelnn Cabelas parking lot.

Dan (303) 9 oh six - oh 358 text is best, leave a message if you call
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 10/5/2022 6:27:29 PM     Points: 70657
I don't need another one but for anyone looking imo the lx7 is the best machine on the ice hands down. I've had them all and always go back to this one.
 Reply by: BroncFan      Posted: 10/7/2022 7:41:57 AM     Points: 351
 Reply by: BroncFan      Posted: 10/26/2022 8:35:01 AM     Points: 351
Didn't get any movement on this. Before I post to Craigslist I'll give this one more bump on here. Also, I'll go $50 less on each item. $500 for the Marcum and $250 for the auger.
 Reply by: BroncFan      Posted: 11/18/2022 9:56:14 AM     Points: 351
The auger is sold. I had a sale fall through on the Marcum so it is still available at $500. One last attempt to sell it here and then I'll have to deal with Craigslist.
 Reply by: Crosstrekfisher      Posted: 11/22/2022 6:59:54 PM     Points: 13
Hi. Would you consider $450 for the Marcum?
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